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Published: June 8, 2024

Meet the Winners of the Happy, Healthy Moms Photo Contest

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On Friday, we announced the Healthy, Happy Moms photo contest in honor of mothers everywhere, and we were thrilled by your response! Nearly 100 incredible women were nominated to win full enrollment at Integrative Nutrition. The three mothers who received the most votes are true inspirations and deserving recipients of the Health Coach Training Program.

Mothers make the world a healthier, happier place – first starting with their own families, and then expanding into schools, their communities, and beyond. Plus, moms who take care to improve their own health and happiness can do even more good in the world. We’re confident that these incredible mothers will spread a ripple effect that will transform the world! Meet our inspiring contest winners:

Trish Mara
“For eighteen years, I’ve taught special needs children. My strength has been helping students and their families find their potential. I’m grateful I’ve had the opportunity to be a positive influence on so many children. During this time, I singly raised two sons. Both are productive professionals who’ve given me much joy and pride. I was recently diagnosed with lupus. Through changing my diet, I’m medication free and have never felt better. Colleagues seek my advice on dietary choices. I wish to fulfill my dream of becoming a Health Coach by enrolling in the next session with IIN.”

Kylah Hulin
“Kylah would be the ultimate Health Coach because she is absolutely the most caring and generous woman I have the pleasure of knowing. She is so full of life and is always smiling and radiates happiness and warmth. She is a true inspiration to me as well as everyone she meets. She works hard on not only her own health, but her children and husband’s as well. She has overcome many tough obstacles with her oldest daughter’s health and still shines bright! She would be a wonderful Health Coach without a doubt.” - Kelcey Ellerman

Sarah McDonnell
“Sarah would make an amazing Health Coach! Her passion for healthy living has already begun to inspire and educate many people in her social circles. Her independent research up to this point has helped me (her husband), our two daughters, several friends, and family members live healthier, more complete life styles! One of Sarah's major focuses pertains to childhood obesity. She would love to work with other parents, schools, and anyone else in the community that would be willing to help fight the battle against childhood obesity.” - Mike McDonnell

Thank you to all those who participated – we appreciate you as mothers and your passion to making the world a healthier, happier place!


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