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Published: June 8, 2024

Integrative Nutrition Sponsors NCCHWC

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We are pleased to announce that we have become a major sponsor of the National Consortium for Credentialing of Health & Wellness Coaches (NCCHWC), a non-profit dedicated to developing standards for Health Coaches and a strategy for national credentialing.

Founded in 2009 by a group of pioneers and experts in the health industry, NCCHWC strives to improve the health and wellbeing of all Americans and is an important advocate for Health Coaches. Their mission is to integrate health coaching into the medical healthcare system in order to focus more on prevention and to offer clients holistic health solutions.

We fully support NCCHWC’s dedication to developing standards which will allow Health Coaches to receive validation and recognition for their role in preventing and treating chronic diseases. We believe that NCCHWC’s efforts will ultimately help our students to succeed in transforming the lives of people in their communities and creating a ripple effect that will transform the world. As a testament to our belief, we have donated $10,000 to help this admirable organization further their efforts.

Wondering how you can get involved in this important step towards greater health and happiness? Show your support for this national initiative with a small donation. An individual contribution of just $50 will grant you a spot on the Donor page, as well as access to up-to-date announcements that provide a forum for your input. Learn how to donate and spread the word about this important initiative!


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