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Published: June 8, 2024

Coach Like a Pro: The #1 Secret

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Are you ready to hear it? Come a little closer. I’m going to tell you the secret, right off the bat: 

It’s not what we give our clients, but what we help them let go of, that really counts. 

What do our clients need to let go of? Illusions.

Here are some examples of untrue illusions that clients cling to:

  • It’s too late.
  • I don’t have the time or money to be healthy.
  • I’m not strong or flexible enough to try something like yoga.
  • It’s selfish to take time for myself.
  • If I can’t change something overnight, by myself, it’s not worth it and/or I’m not good enough. 

Untrue thoughts like this block positive, sustainable change.

If your client thinks, “It’s too late,” she might eat healthy for a week to make her husband smile, but eventually, she’ll align her behavior to that limiting belief. Self-sabotage becomes inevitable, even if you gave her 10 amazing recipes to try and a beautiful food journal to use.  

Illusions trump gifts. They also trump healthy tips and recipes and check-ins and accountability partners. 

The good news? Truth trumps illusions. Always.

Once illusions get out of the way, truth becomes very clear to our clients.. In other words, it’s not our job to give clients the answers, we just need to help them shed their illusitions. The answers they need, their truth, is already there,  just waiting to be recognized.

Once we help clients lovingly see and let go of illusions, beautiful truths naturally surface: 

Illusion: It’s too late.

Truth: It’s never too late. My body and mind are changing and adapting until the moment I die. Life is full of cycles and second chances.

Illusion: I don’t have the time or money to be healthy.

Truth: I don’t have the time or money not to be. I’ll pay for my health one way or another. I can choose to invest now in high quality food and long walks outside. Or, I can choose to pay later with sick days and hospital fees.

Illusion: I’m not strong or flexible enough to try something like yoga.

Truth: A person doesn’t do yoga because she’s strong and flexible. A person does yoga and then becomes strong and flexible. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of ways to modify yoga to meet my needs. (To see how yoga and Pilates can meet your needs and the needs of your clients, click here! And enter the free access code OneWeekFree! to get a week of access to Your True Power, my yoga & Pilates digital studio.)

Illusion: It’s selfish to take time for myself.

Truth: I can only give to others what I posses. I care for others best when I’m cared for.

Illusion: If I can’t change something overnight, by myself, it’s not worth it and/or I’m not good enough.

Truth: Positive, sustainable change in any aspect of life takes time and support. Baby steps are key.

Bonus secret:

We can only help our clients let go and grow to the extent we do.

It’s impossible to help our clients label a limiting belief as an illusion, if that belief is still considered a truth in our own mind.

I believe that when we discern truth from illusion, fear is transcended and we are free to be beautifully authentic, authentically beautiful, and at peace. We create stunning ripples of impact.

I’d love to help you let go and grow so you’re free to step into your beauty and authenticity. I have a gift for you because I want you to transcend your limits and fears so your radiant impact can ripple into the lives of your clients and beyond. My gift to you: Your Guide to True Transcendence.

To your truth (and the clients’ truth), embraced,


Annalicia Niemela is a writer, speaker, yoga and Pilates instructor, Health Coach, and founder of Through her one-on-one client work, digital yoga & Pilates studio, and writings, Annalicia helps women across the globe transcend their fears, and create new lifestyles lit by authenticity, beauty, and peace. With ten years of teaching experience and a life’s journey of lessons to share, she guides women on their path to achieving the lives & bodies they’ve always wanted—on terms rooted in deep self-understanding and self-care.

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June 8, 2024

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