August 27, 2014
Last Updated:
January 29, 2021

IIN Expert Advice: Avocado Oil vs. Coconut Oil

Recently, nutritionist and Integrative Nutrition teaching expert Keri Glassman weighed in on Access Hollywood with her thoughts on the avocado oil vs. coconut oil debate.

Coconut oil has been the superstar of the superfood arena for some time now, but recently there’s been a lot of buzz about the oil from avocados. In her column, Keri gives a little background on both before giving her verdict.

On the coconut oil side, she says, there’s the good kind of saturated fat—that is, the kind that kills bad bacteria while improving our intestinal health, and boosts “good” HDL cholesterol. Avocado oil, on the other hand, offers vitamin E, carotenoids, protein, and a banana-shaming punch of potassium. Calorie and fat-wise, she says, it’s basically a wash. Her ultimate answer to the inquiring reader?

“Don’t choose!”

Both oils have impressive nutritional profiles, and which one your body prefers—if it does indeed have a preference—will depend on your unique body makeup. The principle of bio individuality teaches that what’s best for one is not necessarily best for another, and that we must each learn and respect our own needs. It’s also important to remember that those needs may change over time; maybe your body is drinking up the fat-soluble carotenoids in avocado oil today, but will thirst for the gut-healing compounds in coconut oil a few years down the line. What’s important is to listen to, and respect, the messages your body sends you.

What’s best for your body today, avocado oil or coconut oil? Tell us in the comments section below!

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