5 Ways to Develop Your Natural Confidence as an Introvert

June 15, 2016

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On the surface it may appear that we live in an extrovert’s world, and that the most vocal, visible, and socially connected people have more natural confidence. We tend to see it as a desired “it factor” on which success depends.

But more and more we are seeing signs that the introvert strengths like listening, thoughtful strategy, intuitive insights, and diverse communication styles - are becoming more and more valued in both personal and professional realms, and that confidence comes in many forms.  

This is definitely evident among Health Coaches and others in the wellness field who are inspiring positive change one person at a time, and feeling great about the progress they’re making without the need to broadcast it every day.

If you look up the definition of confidence you’ll see that, in general, it is about having a sense of trust, certainty, and self-assurance in one’s own abilities and qualities – regardless of what those abilities are or how they might be expressed!

Confidence is much more about connecting with who you really are than behaving in any particular way.

What a relief!

You can be your peaceful, quiet-loving, introverted self and still have rock solid confidence in putting yourself forward, creating the life you want, and enacting the change you want to see in the world.

Here are some simple introvert-friendly ways to connect with the confidence within us all:

1. Express yourself.
A mind full of rich ideas and creativity is just one of the many attributes common to introverts, so find ways to share those ideas. Whether it’s through writing or blogging, art, group gatherings, or your work, ask yourself what you may not be expressing currently that’s just dying to come out and then allow yourself to unleash it and see what happens.

2. Dare to be different.
How much energy do you spend trying to fit in and avoid criticism from others? Does hiding your true self really make you happy? At IIN we believe in “fitting out” instead of fitting in! You have amazing gifts to share with the world and it is precisely your uniqueness that will inspire others while giving you joy and freedom. Ultimately you’ll find that confidence and maturity come from not caring too much about what other people think.

3. Challenge your comfort zone.
New experiences provide an incredible opportunity to learn, connect, and expand our hearts and minds. If your intuition is pulling you towards something a little scary or uncertain but also kind of exciting, then give it a try, what do you really have to lose? When you approach life as being full of possibilities and begin to take action in exploring your interests, your natural self-confidence flourishes from the inside out.

4. Connect with your strengths.
Take a moment and ask yourself what you’re good at. Go ahead… we’ll wait. J Make a list of those things and don’t hold back. It could be anything from hard skills like web design to soft skills like empathy. Chances are that there is a hearty handful of things you’re pretty good at, and if you wanted to refine those strengths even more then you’d be downright great at them. Confidence is not some elusive thing out there, it can be as simple as saying “hey, I’m pretty awesome at this” and then doing more of that.

5. Let go of old stories.
The truth is that you’re a unique person with limitless potential for creating the health and happiness you want for yourself and others. Anything else you might be telling yourself about how you should be, what you can’t do, or why you’re not cut out for xyz are stories built up in your mind. Confidence comes from the awareness that you’re the one in the driver’s seat of your own life and you can go wherever you want!

Do you have a healthy relationship with confidence? Please share in the comments below!  

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