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Published: June 8, 2024

IIN's Launch Your Dream Book Author Spotlight

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From finding your voice and establishing greater credibility to expanding your audience and paving the way for more opportunities, writing and publishing your own book comes with numerous personal and professional benefits.

Since creating the Launch Your Dream Book Course in 2014, we’ve had the pleasure of watching thousands of students and grads go on to become successful published authors. As a special showcase to capture the incredible achievements of our grads, check out these 10 amazing authors and their books!

Melody Pourmoradi, November 2017 Class, Author of XOXO, From a Girl Who Gets It

Writing this book has been my gift to young girls everywhere. I knew I had so much I wanted to share with them, and through this book, getting my message out there became possible.

One of the coolest parts about writing this book has been that I have been able to attract so many facilitators into our certification program. By reading my book, they, too, realized their own dreams of empowering girls and joined me on my mission.

Dawn Parker, May 2015 Class, Author of The Healthy Chocoholic

I work with a lot of clients with food sensitivities, autoimmune conditions, and digestive disorders, so I love to create new recipes for them that are delicious but free of common food sensitivities. I wrote The Healthy Chocoholic to show that eating healthy can be delicious, too! Writing and publishing my cookbook was a huge learning curve, but the LYDB Course was key to helping me make it happen. Publishing the book has given me lots of exposure in the media and has helped me get clients as well.

Ameena Meer, June 2016 Class, Author of Fearless Healing

I am so happy I published Fearless Healing! Having a physical book was a powerful tool in both giving me credibility as a cancer coach and medical intuitive. I use it as a resource for my clients to explain my approach to healing, inspire them in their healing journey, and give them a reference tool – it’s full of recipes, supplement information, and practitioner recommendations that they can look at over and over again.

Lorraine Miano, October 2015 Class, Author of The Magic of Menopause

As an integrative health and hormone coach, I found that writing a book that incorporates both my knowledge and passion has opened up a new world for me. I began my career as a Health Coach, working with women in all phases of menopause on a one-on-one basis. After writing and promoting The Magic of Menopause: A Holistic Guide to Get Your Happy Back! I discovered that it became my calling card as an "expert" in the online health industry. It has led me to become a patient leader and advocate with Wego Health as well as a women's health and menopause "expert" on several other health hubs (one in the UK!). I've also been invited to participate in several interviews and online summits, which has further helped promote my book. Having my book reach #1 in Menopause on Amazon Kindle, listed as a top ten book in menopause by The London Evening Standard, and listed as a resource on (North American Menopause Society) has inspired me to keep writing. The health and wellness world is constantly changing with new studies, science, and discoveries, so I am encouraged and inspired to begin writing my second book and share all the good news!

Suzy Harmon, October 2015 Class, Author of Hungry for Health, Starved for Time: The Busy Person's Guide to Harmonious Health

The joy in birthing this book was second only to the life-changing joy of birthing my three children! It opened so many doors: corporate speaking engagement requests; a gig on WFAA, a local TV station in Dallas, Texas; corporate coaching programs, and so much self-confidence. I continue to be amazed every time I receive a royalty from my book, mostly just knowing people are inspired by it. The LYDB Course was a dream come true!!

Anoosh Ivezaj, November 2017 Class, Author of Beauty Bites: Clean Eats and Indulgent Treats to Get Your Glow from Within 

Writing a clean eating cookbook had been something that I always wanted to do, and I was so excited when I found out about this course. On a personal level, this book taught me how hard work and passion can bring your dreams to reality. It was a wonderful experience, and building my publishing team with amazing people brought even more great experiences with it. On a professional level, this book helped bring credibility to what I was doing. In fact, three months after the launch of this book, I started working as a Health Coach in a holistic doctor’s office, where I am still working today! This experience helped change my life for the better. So happy I took this course!

Eli de Moraes, May 2015 Class, Author of Thrive Again: Simple Strategies to Time Out, Tune In, and Tone Up Your Life

Writing my first book through the LYDB Course was a complete dream come true. The book instantly brought up my credibility in my business and opened so many opportunities for me. It also allowed me to touch so many more people than I ever could without it. 

Interested in writing your own book? Bring your unique story to life by joining the Launch Your Dream Book Course today! You can even customize your journey based on your writing needs and learning styles with our Supported or Self-Paced Learning Experiences.

Carley Schweet, November 2016 Class, Author of Boundaries with Soul

Writing my book through the Launch Your Dream Book Course gave me the clarity and direction I needed. Since publishing my book, I've become much more confident as a writer, and it's become a huge passion of mine. Professionally, I got a publishing deal with a publisher and wrote my second book earlier this year! Having “author” listed after my name has opened many doors and opportunities, and I am forever grateful for this course.

De Lacy Paisley Jackson, October 2019 Class, Author of I AM the Dopest: 55 Affirmations for Living Your DŌP Life

Writing I AM the Dopest has given me a platform to share the DŌP Life affirmations created for my DŌP Life Detox Program with a larger audience. Maintaining a positive outlook through affirmations helped me through a challenging time in my life. Becoming a published author has been personally gratifying and lends credibility to my coaching career. I have since created a DŌP Life Mastermind for women entrepreneurs of color and have been encouraged to take on business coaching clients and write my next book.

Paula Frances Duggins, May 2015 Class, Author of Autism: Why Food Matters – Connecting the Dots for Parents 

After taking [IIN’s Health Coach Training Program] in 2011, I became interested in understanding the controversial issue of how the consumption of special diets has demonstrated improvement for some children with autism spectrum disorder. After attending university and doing research on this subject, I wanted to write this book to educate parents and encourage them to understand the impact that food can have on the well-being of their children. The Launch Your Dream Book Course offered me not only a structured schedule for completing the book but the essential knowledge and "tips of the trade" that were invaluable for me. I am thinking now about my second book about families caring for a child with autism and will probably take the course again just because things have changed over the last 10 years. Thank you, IIN!

June 8, 2024

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