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Published: June 8, 2024

Staying Fit During Your Travels Just Got Easier

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When your flight is delayed, your first thought might be to stock up on snacks in your terminal’s convenience store—or hit the bar. But what if you could pass the time with something healthy and energizing instead? Gyms are popping up in airports throughout the world, with perks like exercise classes, rental clothes and healthy food.
In fact, Heathrow Airport recently announced that it’s opening its own fitness and wellness studio this fall through a partnership with FlyFit. Travelers can pass time with cardio, restorative yoga and interactive strength classes, and rental workout clothes are even available. Afterward, travelers can shower in the gym facilities and get a bite to eat, too. 
International destinations including Dubai, Munich and Singapore already offer exercise facilities in their airports, according to SELF. In the U.S., travelers can find yoga studios in Dallas-Fort Worth and San Francisco International airports. In addition, ROAM Fitness studios opened its first location in Baltimore-Washington International Airport and plans to expand to 20 airport locations across the world within five years. ROAM offers extras like Lululemon clothing rentals, Brooks shoe rentals, and vacuum-sealed bags for travelers’ sweaty, post-workout clothes if they opt to wear their own.

Perhaps in the not-so-distant future, travelers might even be able to work out during the flight. CNBC recently reported on airbus project Transpose, which displayed a “flying gym” prototype at the San Jose airport that included stationary bikes, yoga mats and other workout equipment. 

Airport gyms (and maybe someday airplane gyms) are a convenient way to help travelers stay healthy on the road and stick to their fitness routines. After all, it’s easy to get into bad habits while you’re away from home. (Be sure to check out Wellness Today’s “5 Tips to Stay Healthy While Traveling.”)
Working out before a flight is also a great way to take your mind off of waiting during a flight delay or layover. While working out can sometimes feel like a “to-do” at home, it will probably feel like a luxurious treat at an airport. You’ll get to escape the crowds at your gate and enjoy the satisfaction of doing something healthy and productive before your flight.
And even if you don’t feel like exercising and just need a relaxing shower after a long travel day, the airport gym could be your ticket.
Have you ever worked out in an airport gym? Share your experience below. 


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