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Published: June 8, 2024

How Health Coaches Are Shaking Up the Restaurant Industry

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What do the restaurant industry and the wellness industry have in common? Food! Though restaurateurs and health-minded entrepreneurs may not always see eye to eye on the food they’re advocating for, it’s a major part of each business. While dining out and eating healthy haven’t always been phrases caught in the same sentence, the world is shifting and health-inspired eateries and nutrition-focused menus are popping up everywhere! 

In the past, when it came time to consider where to eat while also staying healthy, the list of options was limited because eating out typically involved oversalted, over-buttered, oversweetened dishes that leave you feeling overstuffed, inflammed, and groggy. But times are changing for the better, and more people are getting to the root of their overall wellness. People are beginning to recognize and understand the connection between the food on their plate and the impact it has on their lives, leading to less people interested in having those unwanted feelings that come with eating poorly.

With this in mind, the restaurant industry has also started putting a higher focus on incorporating clean food menus, farm-to-table standards, and zero-waste values. The National Restaurant Association’s 2019 What’s Hot Culinary Forecast  even included one of our favorite health trends – CBD-infused food and drinks – as their top trend for the year ahead!

If you love to dine out but hate the unwanted bloat and indigestion that comes with it, you're in luck! Feeling healthier and happier dining out is becoming more readily available with the help of our Integrative Nutrition students and graduates! Spaces are opening all over the globe, offering some of the trendiest and most wholesome menu items, and we’re talking more than avocado toast and oat milk; think adaptogenic elixirs, ancient grain bowls, gut healthy sides, and refined sugar–free desserts! From Dan Churchill’s new NYC spot Charley Street, which offers a colorful menu of superfoods, to Tanya Maher’s raw and live food deli in the United Kingdom, Tanya’s, to Allyn Raifstanger’s Allyn’s in Cincinnati, Ohio, where they’re using natural, locally sourced ingredients.

Not only are our graduates making waves in the industry by opening their own establishments, they’re also incorporating the lessons from the Health Coach Training Program to help restaurants develop menus with healthier options and putting their own spin on helping others eat better. IIN graduate Bella Palterovich founded Locanut, a Paleo-compliant meal delivery service that brings healthy and delicious food to people’s everyday lives by delivering it right to them! Her meal plans are showing others how powerful food can be by delivering convenient and tasty dishes.

So whether you’re going out for a special occasion, picking up a late lunch, or looking for a casual bite, nourishing options are becoming accessible almost everywhere and on some of the most unexpected menus!

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