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Published: June 8, 2024

IIN Staff Picks: Natural Products

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This post is not sponsored. These product selections were made by IIN staff members who are fans of the product(s), and IIN is not being paid to feature any product(s).

One of the many incredible perks of working at IIN is being part of a community that shares a passion for all things health and wellness and a curiosity to learn from each other’s diverse perspectives. Just as our curriculum emphasizes the concept of bio-individuality – the idea that your approach to optimal well-being is unique and constantly changing – our workplace celebrates individual differences and preferences.

As Health Coaches and members of the IIN team, students, clients, friends, loved ones, and those considering health coaching often ask us for opinions on everything from the latest research on red meat to the best self-care practices. So we thought we’d feature different wellness items and trends we’re loving!

With that, we’re kicking off this monthly series with eight of our go-to natural products, including natural beauty products and natural cleaning products:

1. Cocokind’s Turmeric Spot Treatment and Sunrei Reishi Gold Highlighter

                                                                                                     image via

“The Turmeric Spot Treatment has tea tree oil, turmeric, ginger, and other anti-inflammatory ingredients that help alleviate breakouts and shorten the time breakouts are there!” – Nina Zorfass

                                                                                                    image via

 “I’m super picky about what goes on my skin. I love Cocokind because they use safe, natural ingredients that keep my skin looking fresh. While I’m ready for fall, I’m not ready to give up my summer glow, and this highlighter makes me look like I just came off the beach!” – Lindsay King

 2. Stasher Bags

                                                                                        image via

“They are amazing for bringing snacks hiking or traveling, can double as freezer bags or food storage in the fridge, and are easy to clean! I like to bring one with me everywhere in case I’m purchasing a snack to go and can use my stasher bag rather than plastic!” – Deanna Kahn

 3. Green Virgin Mineral Salts Deodorant

                                                                                                        image via

“It works! Fragrance free, too, and very clean!” – Janet Verney

4. Dental Lace 100% Silk Refillable Dental Floss


image via

“Regular dental floss is coated in nylon and kept in plastic. Dental Lace is a natural silk floss in a beautiful refillable glass container. I can keep my floss handy on my bathroom sink, and it looks beautiful in the glass container!” – Sue Brown

5. Truce All-Purpose Cleaner 

image via

“It cleans high-traffic areas with ease, without adding harmful chemicals to my family's living space. It also smells like peppermint!” – Anonymous

6. MDSolarSciences Mineral Crème SPF 50 

                                                                                               image via

“It’s lightweight, absorbs quickly, and feels like a primer.” – Miyoung Kim

7. Garden of Life Raw Organic Protein and Greens Powder

                                                                                       image via

“It does not cause bloating, supplements intense workouts, and is good for muscle gain.” – Roxi Ocasio

8. Caralista Face Gold

                                                                                                                                        image via

“Honestly, every day I look forward to the ritual of applying Face Gold to my face before bed. I love how soft my skin now looks and how nourished I feel. It's an entire experience of floral scents and smooth textures – and there's a positive energy infused in all their products. AND it's so awesome that Cara Lista is an IIN grad!” – Jon Fischer



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