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Published: June 8, 2024

3 Reasons Diet Programs Don’t Work (and Health Coaches Do)

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Billions of people want to lose weight and desperately turn to fads and diet programs, yet so few are actually able to lose it and keep it off. What if an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (INHC) was the answer to your weight challenges? 

The weight-loss industry is worth over $20 billion dollars, including diet programs, books surgery, pills, potions, and everything else related to weight loss. 

Most people will lose weight on any given diet program for a limited period of time and then revert to a less disciplined way of eating. What they’re missing is the accountability provided by an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach – a supportive, savvy holistic health guide with nutrition knowledge and first-hand experience. 

So, if the diet industry is so wealthy, wouldn’t you think that it would have a positive impact on health and lead to long-term, sustainable weight loss? Not so fast. 

Here are three reasons diet programs don’t work, and how an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach can help you reach your goals. 

1. Dieters tend ignore their own bio-individual needs – the diet that works for your best friend may not work for you. People latch onto meal plans, calories, and fat grams, rather than listening to their bodies and truly choosing what’s right for them in each moment.

Integrative Nutrition Health Coaches work with clients to create individualized plans that will help them reach their goals and live their healthiest, happiest lives. INHCs don’t prescribe any one diet program, but rather, pull from an endless wealth of knowledge and pull together a plan using aligned bits and pieces from many different diets.

2. People wanting to lose weight tend to deprive themselves and then have overwhelming cravings, quickly sliding into a restrict-binge cycle.

Integrative Nutrition Health Coaches treat cravings as clues and talk with clients to decode their cravings and guide them to satisfy themselves naturally with what they really need, not with the quick fix they think they need. For example, if someone is binging on chocolate every day, they might need more intimacy and love in their lives to satisfy them. 

3. People on diets often ignore primary food, the IIN core concept that what feeds us on a much deeper level than food is a satisfying career, loving relationships, a spiritual practice, and regular exercise. Most people think it’s all about food and the specific diet they’re on, but the truth is that food isn’t the most important part.

Integrative Nutrition Health Coaches work with clients in all areas of primary food to find balance and authentic satisfaction. If you have a job you hate, for example, you’re much more likely to eat nonstop throughout the day to distract yourself and stave off boredom. 

Have you ever been on a diet? Have you gotten trapped in any of these diet dilemmas? Has a diet program ever worked for you long term? 

Share in the comments below. We can’t wait to hear from you. 

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