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Published: June 27, 2024

Dr. Mark Hyman’s Revolutionary Diagnostic Health Platform Takes Major Step Forward

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Every single day, IIN’s community and faculty members work around the clock to change the healthcare game. In IINovations, a new content series, we provide key updates and important news from the IIN family and beyond.

IIN core faculty member Mark Hyman, MD continues to amaze us with his innovation and unwavering dedication to longevity and holistic health. The functional medicine leader, founder of the Cleveland Center for Functional Medicine, and 15-time New York Times bestselling author launched Function, a diagnostic health platform, in 2023, and it’s gaining serious momentum. The company has raised a $53 million series A funding round, according to WWD, with participation from a host of A-list actors, star athletes, and executives in the health and wellness space.

Function offers more than 100 lab tests annually (many of which are often not covered by insurance), doctor’s insights and a clinician’s summary, and lifetime access to your results. The goal is to “empower you to live 100 healthy years,” according to the company website.

"We're building something that's never been built before,” Hyman says, according to WWD, “which is a portal for people to access their own health data, to own their own health, to be the CEO of their own health, to learn how to live 100 healthy years with support of a health copilot. Right now medicine is so fragmented, so decentralized, so disorganized, and so chaotic."

The platform has acquired roughly 50,000 customers since it first launched, WWD reports, and there are currently more than 200,000 people on its waiting list.

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If you enroll in IIN's Health Coach Training Program, you can learn from Hyman directly. As a visiting teacher in the program, he shares the connection between biologically addictive foods and the global obesity epidemic, and answers the question of whether obesity is driven by calories or the composition of the food on peoples’ plates. He also uncovers how biology and the addictive properties of food are more significant factors than earlier research may have shown.

“Mark Hyman had a huge impact on me because he promotes a whole-foods based way of eating,” graduate Gillian Radar says, “while incorporating traditional healing modalities into his practice like herbalism, meditation, and breathwork. As an herbalist, having the backing from an MD is huge because he helps bring awareness to the masses that other healing modalities are safe, necessary, and important.”

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