March 30, 2020
Last Updated:
March 9, 2023

From Health Transformation to Successful Juice Business – How This IIN Grad Helps People Make Healthy Choices Every Day

IIN is celebrating International Women’s Day all month long, featuring graduates who are using their IIN education to build impactful businesses that focus on improving the health of their communities around the world.

Jil Larsen, Class of 2013, shares her story below in an incredible video. To learn more, check out her website: Magic Mix

IIN: If you had to choose one word to describe your IIN experience, what would it be?

Jil: Impactful.


IIN: What inspired you to enroll in IIN’s Health Coach Training Program?

Jil: I always knew there had to be more to health than just the foods we eat, and when I started researching nutritional programs and coaching, IIN ticked all the boxes.


IIN: How has IIN helped you build and grow your business?

Jil: Our business really grew out of necessity. When I was diagnosed with melasma, I had to make a major lifestyle change, which I didn’t know could have such an incredible ripple effect on my life.

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What started with looking at food as medicine grew into looking at all aspects of my life that feed me, and that is all thanks to IIN – to learn all the different dietary theories is one big hurdle and to understand that we are all bio-individuals with different needs during different times in our life is so important.

I started juicing from my kitchen but knew immediately that juicing and eating a plant-based diet could make people feel magic – that’s how Magic Mix was born in 2013. Now, its main retail location is in lower Manhattan, but our plant-based, organic, gluten-free, and dairy-free snacks are sold nationwide to make it easier for all people to add in the good and naturally crowd out the bad.


IIN: What advice do you have for women entrepreneurs?

Jil: Follow your gut always and don’t let emotions get in the way. I know that can sound like a double standard, but I firmly believe your intuition always knows best and that we as women are very emotional and empathetic beings. For many years, I did things because I didn’t want to let people go or hurt employees, but it ultimately hurt my business. In business, you need to see things more matter-of-fact and linear.


IIN: Anything else you think the IIN community would love to know?

Jil: Every day we have a choice. A choice of how we treat each other, ourselves, and the earth. Small changes done consistently are impactful and not only good for yourself but also your surroundings. Magic Mix is here to make those small choices that much easier.


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