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Published: June 8, 2024

Health Leadership Award: Holli Thompson

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This week I am pleased to present the Health Leadership Award to a graduate who has achieved exceptional personal and professional success, Holli Thompson. Abandoning her stylish New York City career in high-end fashion to enrich her primary food in small-town Virginia, Holli found herself happily married but chronically ill. Despite various medications and numerous doctors, it wasn’t until Holli delved into her own personal interest in nutrition that she was able to achieve optimal health. Her desire to share this experience with others led her to IIN, and I couldn’t be more proud of her contributions to our community.

Sharing Lived Wisdom
When I first heard about IIN, I had just gone through my own healing process, and my son was developing chronic issues related to the same food intolerance. I had discovered how profound food can be in our lives, and how important it is to take care with our food and learn to eat well for our body. My experience in the program was one of the best times of my life. I loved the shared values, the incredible support and knowing that what I had personally discovered was being taught at IIN by leading health experts.

The Gift of Gratitude
IIN provided me the opportunity to share what I had learned with the world, and I’m amazed, honored, and humbled to win the HLA.  It may be the best feeling in the world to be honored for doing something you love, and something you hope gives value to others.

A Holistic Success
There is no one success that I am most proud of, but rather the whole my experiences since graduation. Helping a mother discover her young son’s food intolerance and changing his life forever. Guiding my own son and husband to change their health through their eating habits.  Reaching hundreds of women in my cleanse, and watching and listening to busy women all over the world change their diet and feel amazing.

Businesswise, my biggest accomplishments were signing a book deal with a publishing house (due out in 2013) and being asked to be a monthly guest on a TV talk show. I am also proud of the profile written about me in More magazine, in that it inspired hundreds of women to reinvent themselves and follow their passions. Overall, I’m proud of being able to inspire clients through my coaching, to step up and take charge of their health through food.

Advice for Future Health Leaders
Not everyone is as excited about nutrition as you, so “walk your talk” gently.  Any improvement is significant, and many people need to go slowly.  Also, be true to yourself, and develop your own style.  The more “you” you are, the more significant your message will be, and the more people will listen.  Don’t copy someone you admire, but allow yourself to be inspired to find your voice.

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