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Published: June 8, 2024

How Health Coaches Are Changing Healthcare

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A few years ago, the term “Health Coach” was unfamiliar to most people. Now, the U.S. health coaching market is worth over $6 billion, and it’s forecasted to grow to nearly $8 billion by 2022, with a whopping 121,000 coaches practicing!

The health coaching industry has picked up over the last decade for good reason. With the average visit to the doctor’s office being under 18 minutes, there is a lack of understanding between doctors and patients concerning what they truly need to achieve better health. Integrative Nutrition Health Coaches are not just helping people improve their everyday lives; they’re creating a revolution in the healthcare system. Health Coaches are opening doors to a new form of healthcare. Whether it’s through a private practice, within a doctor’s office, or with a personal client or entire corporation, Health Coaches are getting to the root of improving health and happiness.  

Making changes isn’t always easy, especially when it comes to improving health, and there isn’t always a quick fix to finding good health. It takes a willingness to understand the habitual causes of unhappiness and an eagerness to take action toward better health. There is a difference between wanting these changes to happen and actually pursuing the change. That’s where Health Coaches come in.

Here’s how Integrative Nutrition Health Coaches stand out in caring for their clients:

Health Coaches support clients in making lifestyle changes toward improving their overall health, both mentally and physically, by looking at their bio-individual needs. Bio-individuality is the idea that what works for one person may not work for another. There is no one-size-fits-all diet, and Health Coaches listen and personalize individual needs to guide clients to achieve health. Health Coaches take the time that many doctors do not have to get to the root of the issue and drive results that are lifelong rather than temporary. By taking the time to get to know their clients, Health Coaches can identify ways to reduce whatever is making their clients unsatisfied in their current life.

Health Coaches are experts in health and wellness and are there to motivate and encourage clients. They get to understand their clients’ schedules, lifestyle, and behaviors because they’ve genuinely discussed them in depth and listened to what has worked in the past. Through this, they gain enough information to create realistic goals that clients can achieve.

When it comes to making improvements toward a happier and healthier life, Health Coaches are there to help implement and hold clients accountable for their positive changes. Clients are not just changing their diet and exercise routine by seeing a Health Coach; they’re making changes to what we call primary food – the things that feed us off the plate, including relationships, career, and spirituality. Health Coaches hold their clients responsible for the results by routinely checking in on the areas of their lives that are unfulfilled and finding techniques to progress them.

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