August 3, 2012
Last Updated:
March 4, 2021

IINsider’s Digest: Olympic Diets, The Red Cross’ Blood Crisis, and more…

Pairing up to slim down: a recent study suggests that Health Coaches – or even a supportive friend – may be as effective in combatting obesity as more invasive, expensive medical options. (Time)

High-performing athletes, like Olympians, are tapping into the secret science of all-natural, healthy supplements to maximize their physical potential. One of the most interesting contenders? Beet juice. (Stack, Nutrition Facts)

The Huffington Post also examines Olympians’ diets and discovers their challenges are largely similar to those we all share.

After the USDA’s retraction of support for “Meatless Monday”, Mark Bittman reaches out to the Department of Agriculture and National Cattlemen’s Beef Association. Both organizations declined to answer his questions. (New York Times)

The Red Cross is having a blood crisis, largely due to a dip in blood donations during the hot summer months. If we don’t increase our generosity, hospitals may have to start canceling surgeries. (The Atlantic)

Going ga-ga over gluten: whether it's just another "fad diet," simply an increase in awareness, or an actively growing epidemic, the gluten-free movement shows no signs of slowing down. (Time)

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Big business sees the international market potential of the obesity crisis and coins a new term: "globesity." (Food Politics)

Both Israel and Australia are cracking down on the junk food craze, with a tax on unhealthy foods and color-coded packaging to indicate healthier options. (Haaretz, Herald Sun)

Over the past decade, the number of Americans aged 45 and older with two chronic conditions has grown considerably. This poses a major challenge to the U.S. health care system, specifically in terms of expenses for an aging population.

We know the feeling - you got a little overexcited at the market (or just received your CSA box), and now you've got an intimidating haul of produce you only hope will stay fresh all week. Not to fear - Clean Plates (founded by 2005 graduate Jared Koch) has a slew of tips to maximize the life of those gorgeous fruits and veggies.

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