June 13, 2012
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March 4, 2021

Integrative Nutrition Reviews: Beyond Sugar Shock

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Millions of Americans are overweight, wanting to shed extra pounds in order to look and feel better, but find themselves struggling with their weight loss efforts due to serious sugar addiction. 

Connie Bennett, IIN graduate and best-selling author of Sugar Shock, has released another book, Beyond Sugar Shock, which details a 6-week plan to help readers break free of sugar addiction and create a life that’s sweeter, more delicious, and more fulfilling than any sugar-laden treats. Connie describes this new life as “sweeterlicious”.

Connie reveals the truth behind sugar addiction, including her own personal experience, explaining that most sugar addicts are entrapped in negative thought patterns. They focus more on body image than the actual mental processes that lead to unhealthy food choices in the first place.

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Beyond Sugar Shock is an informative and encouraging exploration of S.A.D., the Standard American Diet, and our ability as conscious human beings to become knowledgeable, empowered eaters.

With her holistic approach to health, Connie breaks down each part of the book into sections focusing on “Your Mind”, “Your Body”, and “Your Spirit”. This is the key to her unique plan as it addresses the cause for your sugar addiction, the addiction itself, and how to break the addiction once and for all. Throughout the 6-week plan, Connie is not only your personal Health Coach, but also your friend and cheerleader!

IIN founder Joshua Rosenthal wrote the Foreword for the book, and said, “Connie will guide you step by step to create a balanced life. You will learn how to nurture your body, create a happy mind that’s full of joyous and optimistic thoughts, and elevate your spirit."

Who wouldn’t want that? 

We are IINspired by Connie's mission to improve health and happiness in the world! 

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