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Published: June 8, 2024

26 Amazing Health & Spirituality Books from IIN's Dream Book Program

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We’re gearing up for the next Launch Your Dream Book course in May, and today we’re so excited to share graduate work on happiness and spirituality.

All of these fantastic books are by Integrative Nutrition graduates who have completed the book course and accomplished their big goal of publishing a book – we now have over 200 graduate authors. How cool is that?

We hope these books inspire you to take the next step in your personal life or career, whether that’s writing a book yourself, or something completely different.

The Sacred Path of Eco-consciousness: Healing our Culture of Discontent

Alice Lida

Lighten Up

Colette Maat

The Superpower Practice

Natalie Galyon

Your Best Year Yet!

Karen Ann Kennedy

Find Your Rhythm

Megha Mehta

The Nature of Change

Sharon L. Johnston

Balanced Life, Happy Life: 13 Weeks to Creating a Happier You

Elizabeth Gavino

Finding Your Foxy

Jessica Wyman

Just Be

Patricia Bean

Unfold Your Mat, Unfold Yourself

Anne M. Samit

Clear: How to Simplify Your Life & Live More Fearlessly

Annick Magac

Road to Love
Kamala Chambers

Forget Fitting In: Your Path to Health and Happiness by Fitting Out

Jen Viano

Feeding Success

Emmanuelle Galland

Positivity is Powerful

Andrea Frances Begent

It's the Little Things!

Martie Pineda

The Way to Inner Peace and Happiness

Katherine Helman

Living Life from Within

Denise D. Cooper

Un Stress Me!

Belinda Wiley

Eating Good Thoughts
Goslet A. Piper

Intentional Wake Up

Shanna Bennett

Author This! 101 Great Ideas for Your Next Book

Julie L. Kusma

Habits that Heal

Linda Bastian Barney

The Whole Cure

Dr. Jennifer L. Weinberg

Your Relocation Solution: Be Healthy and Happy Wherever You Are
Kylie Bevan

The Sweetest Thing

Della Reside

Do you see yourself writing a book? What would the subject be? Can you dream up some titles right now? What audience would you be aiming to serve?

Or maybe you have a different personal or business goal that you’re now inspired to take the next step with. Whatever it is, share it below and join the conversation so we can cheer you on and support you. 


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