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Published: June 8, 2024

The Health Coaching Industry Expands in New and Important Directions

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A conversation on mental health and resilience with U.S. veterans

Recently, we hosted a conversation with U.S. military veterans to discuss their journeys toward better health and wellness. We were honored to talk with 24-year military career veteran Todd Raley, LMSW, NBC-HWC, who received a license in social work after finishing his service. He then went on to become a Health Coach at the Veterans Administration (VA) and then became a Health Coach trainer with the VA. We also talked to veteran Kyle Kalman, who works in advocacy to support fellow veterans who experience health problems due to exposure to toxic substances abroad and/or mold issues at military housing facilities.

During our time together, we dived into how to deal with stress and managing circumstances that don’t go to plan. These veterans are experts in performing under incredible stress, and we had the opportunity to hear how they learned to be more resilient and mindful in their day-to-day lives (and how you can learn to do the same!).

The feedback on the webinar was overwhelmingly positive, and we were so glad to have a chance to speak with these two outstanding advocates of wellness. If you missed it, you can watch the replay here.

The health coaching industry grows stronger during the pandemic

Despite the challenges and uncertainty we’ve all faced in the last year – switching to remote work or dealing with the loss of a job almost overnight; worrying about our health and our family’s health – the world of health coaching has grown immensely, and only continues to grow. This became even clearer during our webinar with the two veterans – advocating for our health matters now more than ever!

Significant investments are being made in this field, and data has demonstrated the effectiveness of the practice of health coaching. This signals a change from the healthcare system asking, “What’s the matter with you?” to “What matters to you?” – the shift is profound! Every day at VA facilities and healthcare systems all over the country, these new, inquisitive, and supportive questions are being asked in the name of improving health and well-being. IIN is proud to work with and support the VA Whole Health/Health Coaching Program, which is likely the largest single employer of Health Coaches right now. 

Growing job opportunities for Health Coaches

Health coaching is on the cusp of monumental steps forward, and we’re already seeing such evidence in the employment market. As more people become Health Coaches and options for increasingly professionalized pathways to practice become clearer, the job market for coaches will continue to expand. Searches on Indeed, LinkedIn, and USAJobs turn up hundreds of job openings for Health Coaches and wellness coaches. If you are not following that progress and checking out the amazing institutions that are hiring, I suggest you do so!

While we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, let us keep in mind that brighter days are ahead.


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