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Published: June 8, 2024

Tips for a Healthy New Year’s Eve and a Positive Year Ahead

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Navigating the New Year

The start of the new year can bring up anxiety, especially for folks looking to improve their health. At the start of each year, some common resolutions include:

  • “This is the year I’m going to get rid of the extra baby weight!”
  • “I’m going to start working out 4–5 times a week.”
  • “I’m going to cut out all carbs and go on a keto diet.”
  • “This year I’ll stick to my budget and eat more home-cooked meals.”

Often people hold such high expectations for the new year that it can become difficult to follow through with their grand resolutions – especially if it’s a far jump from their current routine. As we reach the end of a difficult year, it’s even more important to be gentle with – and reduce the pressure you put on – yourself. You can do so by making this year’s celebrations and next year’s resolutions all about manageable healthy habits that also bring joy to your life!

We all want to head into 2021 on the right foot, but how can we do so in the healthiest way possible? Align your New Year’s Eve celebrations with the hopes and goals you have for the upcoming year. Perhaps you’ve been wanting to focus more energy on strengthening your personal relationships, eating home-cooked meals, or creating a more positive environment in your home.

Spending the night with close friends or family members that lift your spirits, cooking a festive and nutritious dinner, or doing a deep clean and reorganization of your home are all great ways to set a clear intention of how you want the new year to look and feel!

Six New Year’s Eve ideas to start the year on a positive note:

     1.  Dress up!

A New Year's Eve at home can be transformed into the most glam of evenings! Get in the holiday spirit by swapping your regular T-shirt and sweats for a shiny new dress or festive tie. If you’re celebrating with friends and family, you can even set a theme for the evening, such as Disco Night or Hollywood Glam, both of which will require sparkly, festive, and fun attire. The clothes you wear can transform the mood of the night ahead, so choose something that makes you feel confident, radiant, and ready to enjoy yourself.

     2.  Make a healthier (and festive) cocktail or mocktail.

While alcohol consumed in moderation can make any holiday enjoyable, you might opt for a mocktail packed with your favorite flavors or create cocktails that won't cause that dreadful hangover in the morning.

Experiment with healthier cocktails made without the simple syrup and a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime instead. You can also make a mocktail that has your favorite superfoods, such as kombucha, green juice, or even unsweetened iced tea. Removing added sugar from these beverages will help prevent that throbbing headache!

     3.  Make the celebrations free of social media/technology.

Focus on the present moment by eliminating social media and technology from the mix. If you’re having a New Year’s dinner with family or friends, add your phones to a pile in the middle of the table. Look at the night as a time to bond with the people around you, whether it’s with board games or engaging discussions that better connect you to the people who matter most. You may even find you want to limit social media and technology during all future gatherings!

     4.  Reflect on what you’ve accomplished this year.

Instead of just looking ahead, switch up this New Year's tradition by focusing on the changes you did make this year and share them with those closest to you.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Have you become more aware of portion sizes and made changes that prevent you from overeating?
  • Have you cemented the habit of drinking more water or eating more fruits and vegetables?
  • Did you start a new at-home workout routine?

Take a moment to pat yourself on the back for all the accomplishments that have made you a healthier, more resilient person in 2020.

     5.  Create your own music playlist for the night.

Music is powerful: It can bring people together, create joy, solidify vivid memories when shared with family and friends, and even help you de-stress and disconnect from the noise of the outside world.

Whether your playlist includes old-time classics that make you feel nostalgic or upbeat songs that inspire you to dance it out, you can keep this playlist long after the night ends, keeping you in good spirits no matter what the year ahead brings.

     6.  Pamper yourself.

Break out the facial scrubs and essential oils and start pampering yourself this New Year’s Eve! Your skin is the largest organ of the body, so show it the love and attention it deserves! Turn this into your theme of the evening by setting up your own at-home spa, preparing homemade scrubs and lotions with household items, like avocado for better moisture or oranges, lemon, and grapefruit for an exfoliating effect. Ending the year with some self-care will nourish you not just outside, but inside, too!

Channel positive energy and manifest a healthy 2021.

However you choose to spend the holiday, avoid the hype of what New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day “should” look like. With a focus on family, close friends, and personal growth, making healthy lifestyle changes in your routine to support your well-being, as well as those close to you, will set you up for a successful year.

By harnessing this positive mind-set and energy, you will realize that reaching your optimal health is a journey, not a singular destination. The journey will likely include many ups and downs, but the healthy habits you create will keep you moving forward. These habits – whether starting your morning with a nutrient-packed green smoothie, completing a 15-minute meditation, putting your phone down in the evening to spend time with family, creating better boundaries in your relationships, or expanding your cooking repertoire – will go a long way in improving your health in 2021 and beyond.

Your energy and mind-set are crucial components in making healthy, sustainable changes that stick throughout the new year. It’s often a challenge to get rid of negative energy – but we’re here to help! Check out IIN’s Detox Your Life Specialty Course – a guide to realigning your focus by cleansing your mind, body, and spirit.


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