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Published: June 8, 2024

UPDATE: Empower You Winners (Part 3 of 3)

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Last month, we shared a few stories from some of the amazing students who were awarded full tuition coverage to Integrative Nutrition through our Empower You opportunity.

This week, we announced exciting news: Empower You has returned!

That’s right, we’re covering the tuition of 10 new students for the Health Coach Training Program. See the end of this post to learn how to apply.

If you need some inspiration before you apply, read on to find out what our winners have been up to since enrolling at Integrative Nutrition!

Marissa Stewart (Texas)

I always felt like I had an unhealthy view towards food, obsessively looking at food through a caloric density lens. IIN has inspired me to take a nutrient density approach instead, and it amazes me the changes I already feel. I’ve realized my body’s been starving for adequate nutrition for years, regardless of the amount of calories I’ve been eating.

There are not enough words to express my love and gratitude for the program. The wealth of knowledge and insight I am exposed to on a daily basis motivates me to explore with new foods, new ways of physical activity, my spirituality and how I can share my knowledge with others.

Personally, I like how the program emphasizes self-care to improve overall well-being. Building time into the day to take care of myself is still something that I’m working on, but I can already see a difference.

Professionally, I am gaining more confidence in answering people’s questions and offering health advice, when asked. As more people find out that I am taking this course, they naturally ask questions, because being healthy is something that people universally want and are curious about. I also love asking questions about how other people approach their own health and finding out what works for them.

I am excited to learn more about how to do health histories for clients. I cannot wait to jump in and meet with people, ask questions and learn more about how others approach their health and well-being.

I want people to know that “genes are not destiny.” Diabetes runs in my family, and it’s remarkable to know there are steps to take to avoid your genetic predisposition. I want to inspire people to be in control of their health and teach them that small steps can make a difference in extending the longevity of your life!

Upon graduation, I intend to launch my own holistic wellness coaching services. I also want to work in a wellness or fitness center or as a health educator in an elementary or middle school setting. Many of my unhealthy eating habits were developed when I was younger and I would love to work on a youth program highlighting the important role that primary and secondary foods play in enriching our lives.

Kara Foster (Ohio)

I’m a research geek, so I’m really digging the seminars with experts in the field like Dr. Oz and Dr. Hyman. Knowing that access to more knowledge, resources and expertise was on the way has given me the courage to start shaping my vision of a healthy lifestyle coaching business.

I already feel more confident about what I can offer my current clients. I’ve tried new foods, enhanced how I approach goal-setting with clients, and become even more of a wellness research junkie – all as a result of what I’m learning each week in the IIN modules.  

I’m very much looking forward to the business development phase. I’m eager to define my target market, message and pricing model and learn how to market myself most effectively. My business plan will include opportunities to use the knowledge and experience gained at IIN to both make a living and to pay my scholarship blessing forward, whether locally or globally.

Dawn Bodden (Illinois)

I usually listen to the lectures in my car on my way to work and it is an excellent way to start my day (putting me in a great mood for work!). Instead of boring radio chatter, I am inspired in the morning to think about being healthy and making good choices. The lectures and presenters are engaging and the time commitment is truly manageable.

I’ve noticed the health conversations with my children are now rooted in more research and there are so many great resources available to explore. 

For someone who is interested in enrolling in the program, I would tell them to do it! Even if you do not want to practice as a Health Coach, do it for yourself and your own knowledge!

IINspired by the stories you read today and want to study with Integrative Nutrition?

We are dedicated to making Integrative Nutrition affordable and accessible to anyone who wants to become a Health Coach. Not only do we keep the cost of tuition well below that of traditional university programs we also offer flexible financing plans for all students. We want to help you unleash your passion and play a key role in spreading the ripple effect of health and happiness by studying at Integrative Nutrition.

In addition, we provide opportunities for deserving students to receive full tuition coverage throughout the year. Here’s how…

  1. Empower You is back! All you have to do is make a 60-second video all about how IIN will empower you! Click HERE for details and the chance to be one of 10 IIN students whose tuition will be fully covered!. 
  2. Not into filmmaking but love supporting your community? We’ve partnered with The Sampson Foundation to honor 12 individuals throughout 2016 who give back to their communities by covering their tuition. For details on how you can apply, please visit this page.

Feeling empowered by this incredible opportunity? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!


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