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Published: June 8, 2024

What Causes Low Sex Drive in Women?

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Is low sex drive ruining your relationships? Nearly half of all women have experienced low sex drive at some point in their lives. That’s a lot of people. 

Everyone’s stressed and traumatized in some way, and it turns out this has a big impact on sex drive.

Sex drive is connected to health, and low desire may come along with low energy, lethargy, apathy, depression, stress, weak immune system, adrenal fatigue, and more. 

Low sex drive has a big impact on female confidence and relationships, not just with their partners but with everyone they come into contact with. 

Through the special operating system you were born with – your body, or bio-computer – your body has the ability to heal itself by itself. Let’s take a look at some of the primary causes of low sex drive: 

Stress: One major cause of stress we see in women is unaligned work: work that is diametrically opposed to their belief system and not suited to their skills and desires. 

A lot of women are stuck in a monotonous routine at an office job with a terrible boss. This has a huge impact on energy and sex drive. When you do work you love, it energizes you. When you do work you don’t love, it drains your energy. 

Most women are also severely overworked, as 10-12 hour days are the norm in the corporate world, and people who work the normal 8 hours are often looked down upon as lazy or unmotivated. 

Forward-thinking women are looking for something more in their work and want to get unstuck, transform personally, and have a cool career.

All women have the desire to feel valuable, understood, supported, wanted and needed. A job you hate achieves none of these goals, and does the opposite, making you feel undervalued, misunderstood and unsupported. These feelings are directly linked to sex drive. 

Think about it: when you’re loved, honored, and celebrated at work you’re much more likely to be turned on and want to celebrate in other ways. 

Adrenal fatigue: Adrenal fatigue is a common modern epidemic caused by overproduction of adrenaline by the adrenal glands. This is what happens when someone is chased by a bear, for example, but funnily enough, the same thing happens when you get a nasty email from your boss, are working too many hours, or not getting enough sleep. 

Most women are expected to be “superwoman” – have an amazing full-time job while still maintaining a home and family, all while looking fabulous and keeping up with the latest trends. 

Adrenal fatigue is also caused by overconsumption of caffeine, sugar, alcohol and other stimulants. The side effects of adrenal fatigue are low sex drive, exhaustion paired with short, inconvenient bursts of energy (think 11pm when you’re trying to go to bed), low metabolism, and more. 

Lack of self-care: A lot of people don’t understand the importance of self-care unless they’ve studied at Integrative Nutrition. 

Our students learn a lot about self-care practices and how they impact health, so they can help themselves and others. The truth is that women especially need to be filled up on self-care before they can authentically and fully give to others without draining their energy. 

Notice how you feel sexier after doing something nurturing for yourself? There you go. Start making time to take a hot bath, get a massage, or get your hair done, and notice how much your energy and sex drive increases. Every area of your life will improve when you take care of yourself on a deep level. 

You can’t afford to not make the time for self-care – your relationships and life depend on it. 

Hormonal imbalance: Food changes everything, and it definitely has an impact on hormones, which directly affect sex drive. When you eat too much meat, milk, sugar, dairy, and for some people, even grains, your hormones quickly become unbalanced. 

In general, everyone can eat more vegetables and fruits and drink more clean water. To dive deeper, work with an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach to find out what’s really going on for you and how you can heal yourself by yourself with their expert guidance. 

Body insecurity: Because of the media and expectations on women today, a lot of women feel like their bodies aren’t good enough to be seen and felt by their partners. Have you ever experienced that yourself? 

Most women in the media are on damaging diets and do hours of exercise, and even then their depictions are fabricated through the use of technology, such as airbrushing. 

Guess what?  Your partner is so lucky to be with you naked, and the more confident you feel, the more sexy you will feel. 

A lot of women are waiting to lose weight to let themselves connect sexually, but this is your life and it’s not a dress rehearsal. It’s time to start living and enjoying your body fully now. 

So what do we do about all this? 

The world needs strong, powerful, nurturing women, but many are limited and silenced by their insecurities because of messages they have received throughout their lifetimes about what it means to be female. It’s time to change this. The time is now. 

Step-by-step, Integrative Nutrition Health Coaches are creating a new future for women and for humanity. Listening and asking insightful, high-mileage questions is what changes women’s lives, and that’s exactly what our graduates do. 

Have you ever experienced low sex drive? What other symptoms came along with it for you? Leave a comment below and tell us. 

Knowledge is only powerful if you share what you know. Use the social media tools to share what you just learned! 


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