April 6, 2016
Last Updated:
March 4, 2021

What Does Wellness Have to Do with Entrepreneurship?

When most students first join Integrative Nutrition they are primarily focused on wellness, nutrition, holistic health, or self-care. They seek to deepen their own personal understanding of wellness, and/or to inspire others to be healthier and happier.

These are definitely wonderful reasons to attend Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and graduates consistently tell us that what they learn and experience throughout the Health Coach Training Program more than meets their expectations.

But, there is a valuable bonus that also emerges along the way: leadership.

 Think about it, if you’re inspired and motivated to share the message of wellness in some way, whether it’s through private coaching, writing, developing group programs, or supporting doctors in a clinical setting, you’ll need to be resourceful in how you go about it. You may consider outreach to network and connect with people, organizing events, creating fun ways to celebrate accomplishments in those who you’re helping to thrive, and experimenting with different strategies to spread the word about what you’re doing in a way that feels right for you (yet also challenges your comfort zone at times). 

As a Health Coach, you are a leader. As a leader who focuses on serving others while earning an income, you are an entrepreneur.

Does that word sound intimidating? It shouldn’t. Entrepreneurship isn’t the stiff old style of business that it used to be. It’s more light-hearted and genuine these days.

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It’s about taking initiative, marketing your business authentically, determining pricing and agreements, assessing the needs of clients, overcoming challenges, and thinking creatively. 

These are all incredible opportunities for growth that will support you in your ultimate mission of creating a healthier community and world. And they are all entrepreneurial in nature.

The good news is that it’s a great time to be an entrepreneur because our economy has accepted professional independence in many ways, and technology has evolved to support every need you might have. Not only that, but health coaching is recognized as filling a vital gap in patient care within the medical community, so it’s the perfect time to do the important work of wellness while furthering your own career.

Excited by the idea of becoming a Health Coach but not sure you can afford Integrative Nutrition before you get your wellness business started?  We recently partnered with The Sampson Foundation, a charitable organization located in Washington, DC to honor those who give back to their communities by covering the tuition for 12 deserving individuals. Get the scoop on how to apply here.

How do you feel about being a “wellness entrepreneur?" Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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