July 27, 2015
Last Updated:
June 14, 2023

Why Wellness Coach Certification is the Hottest New Trend

How good would it feel to create a flexible, profitable business doing work that you love? 

You might have noticed we’re in the midst of a health crisis, and the world desperately needs an answer. Wellness coach certifications are filling a void in the current healthcare paradigm since there’s now a huge demand for Health Coaches. 

Health Coaches are creating a new future by using health and lifestyle techniques to guide their clients to have bodies and lives they love. Health Coaches use prevention and core concepts taught specifically at IIN to change lives and spread a ripple effect of health and happiness. 

Learn five reasons wellness coaching is one of the fastest growing professions, and get inspired to take action toward creating the career of your dreams: 

1. You get to make a huge impact doing work you love.

As a Health Coach, you won’t be tied into some company’s agenda that might not be aligned with your core values, or might even be diametrically opposed to your beliefs.

When you create your own business, you get to focus on a target market you’re passionate about working with, like moms trying to regain their energy and lose weight after having a baby, or young women struggling with hormonal issues.

By doing work you genuinely love, you give off positive energy and attract clients. When you love what you do, people want to be around you. 

2. Health Coaches create their own schedule.

With a wellness coach certification under your belt, you decide when you want to see clients based on your personality style and what times of day you have the most energy.

This is invaluable, and totally life-changing. If you hate waking up early, you can see clients in the afternoon or early evening. If you’re an early bird, you can even see a couple people early in the morning, before they head off to work for the day.

If you need to pick your child up from school at 3pm, you can arrange your schedule to allow for that. How convenient is that?

3. As an entrepreneur, you can be location-independent if you choose.

With the incredible technology that exists today, you can work from wherever you want if you design your business that way.

By using Skype to see clients, you can be anywhere in the world and maintain your business. You can even create automated video courses that make money for you while you swim in the ocean. Yes, seriously.

This gives you a lot of flexibility to have a rich family life, social life, travel the world, and more. There are no limits when you’re not tied to a specific location.

4. Your earning potential is unlimited.

Most people can only make so much money working for other people. When you own your own business as a wellness coach, you set your rates, and how much you can charge is really unlimited.

You’re changing people’s lives and you cannot put a price tag on that – it’s worth millions. As you gain more experience and create an excellent track record, you’ll be able to charge higher and higher prices.

There’s also no limit to what you can create: E-books, online courses, virtual communities, and more! There’s always a way to bring in more income if that’s what you desire.

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5. You’ll become healthier yourself by working with your clients.

Yes, it’s true. We’ve heard from so many Health Coaches who actually share many of the same challenges as their clients. Controlling sugar cravings, getting enough sleep, managing stress in healthy ways – these are all common issues that many of us struggle with, Health Coaches included. 

By helping your clients build healthy habits, you’ll indirectly help yourself, too. Supporting your client’s new workout routine will motivate you to hit the gym, too. Discussing the benefits of leafy green vegetables will inspire you to have them for dinner yourself.

You don’t have to be perfect to be a Health Coach – that’s a big misconception. You do have to be willing to constantly experiment and evolve to become your best self. 

The existing healthcare system is not sustainable. Costs are sky high and continue to escalate, while the public continues to depend more and more on prescriptions that mask symptoms rather than heal the root cause of disease. 

We need education and prevention, and that’s exactly what Health Coaches provide. We at IIN are on the cutting edge of this revolution, and it’s only a matter of time before everyone catches on. 

Are you IIN? Do you agree? How would a wellness coach certification change your life? Leave a comment below. 

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