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Published: June 8, 2024

Annette Varoli is Sharing Her Recipe for Success with Today's Youth

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With the strong belief that “destiny is a simple matter of making the right choices,” Integrative Nutrition graduate Annette Varoli has created success for herself time and time again. From a thriving corporate career to a health coaching position and now as a motivational speaker, Annette attributes hard work and a zest for life and learning to all she has accomplished.

Annette visits schools, graduations and conferences to share her Bridge to Success System with today’s youth. She encourages them to be leaders of their own lives and to take action to find a purpose, something she discovered through the IIN Health Coach Training Program. She enrolled in the program hoping to learn more about her own wellness, and now has a flourishing business, which allows her to combine her passion for health and leadership and share it with others.

What were you doing before Integrative Nutrition?

I had recently left my corporate job as a project manager in the real estate construction industry to be a stay-at-home mother with my first child. I was figuring out what was next- I knew I could be a good mom and still do more, contributing my gifts to society in another way. The fast-paced NYC corporate world wasn’t conducive to the kind of mother I wanted to be, so I knew I wanted to do something else. I’ve always had many interests but I wasn’t sure what was next for me.

What led you to explore Integrative Nutrition's program?

I had a wonderful natural birth and at the same time, my husband and I were revamping our diets. We were learning more and more about factory farming and how horribly our food is produced in this country. We were eating more raw food, whole and organic foods and feeling a difference in our own health. Plus, we wanted to feed our new baby the best food possible. Little by little we were learning about the politics of the food and drug industry and sadly, how they don’t always have the American public’s best interest at heart. We came to Integrative Nutrition wanting to gain the knowledge to take control over our own health and find the truth.

What happened since you enrolled in Integrative Nutrition's program?

I entered the world of entrepreneurship! First, as a health coach and now as a motivational speaker inspiring teens to become leaders of their lives. It's the best decision I could have made.

What did you learn at Integrative Nutrition?

The main thing I learned from Integrative Nutrition is about bio-individuality. That no two people are alike, thus no “diet” will work for everyone. In fact, not one diet will work for me at all times as my environment and I are constantly changing. The same goes for my lifestyle. The best thing is that IIN armed me with was the tools to always get myself back on track. I learned how to read my body and spirit to truly know its needs. That is such a gift and certainly beats being in the dark about my health and happiness. 

What do you love about the school?

The best thing about the school is the cutting-edge information you get from wellness experts. The school truly acts as aAnnette Varoli and students launch pad for you to be on the right track to health, happiness and success. Not to mention discovering your true passions and purpose. Where else can you get that from a nutrition school? Everything really is connected.

How has studying with an international Health Coach Training Program benefited you?

I never would have experienced the level of good health I have, if it wasn’t for studying with experts and my fellow classmates. Change is difficult for anyone and even more so when done alone. Sure, I might have been able to read a book about how to be healthy, but what I got from being in the program was a complete OVERHAUL in my diet and lifestyle for the better. This comes from someone who grew up on soda, sugar and MSG! It takes time to make real changes that last forever. Without IIN’s support, that would have been near impossible.

Is there a need for Health Coaches where you live?

Of course. More people need to have access to this information as well as the accountability.

What do you love about your work?

What I love is that I’ve created a business that combines my passion for wellness, success and leadership with my performing arts background (which used to be only a hobby). I am more creatively expressed now.

Tell us about your practice.

I inspire teens to become the leaders of their lives through keynote speaking and workshops. I focus on success, leadership, and wellness. My programs are perfect for high school assemblies, leadership conferences and educational events.


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