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Published: June 8, 2024

How to Earn a Living as a Health Coach

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Hi! I’m Lindsey Smith, IIN Class of 2010, also known as the Food Mood Girl. I am an inspirational speaker and author. I am passionate about helping people understand that salads and smoothies won’t fix all their life problems, but once they get rid of the baggage they’ll feel empowered to do their body good and eat what makes them feel best. You can connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest.

I will admit – when I first enrolled at Integrative Nutrition, I constantly drew up plans to see how many clients I would need each month to finally quit my full-time job.

I know you’ve been there, too! Calculating this equation in your brain every day, “At $200 a month per client, I would need 20 clients to quit my job.”

Then reality sets in and you think, “Wait, can I really do this?”

The truth is, you can! But it doesn’t have to be just service-based income. In fact, there are many income streams you can incorporate into your business to spread health and happiness, all while making a lucrative income.
1. Affiliate links. Align yourself with like-minded brands and services that offer affiliate programs. You can then tweet, post, or share a banner on your website to start generating some additional cash flow.

2. Create a product. Creating a product like a book or a wellness program is a great way to supplement your income and gain expert status. This can allow you to make money at events, online, and through public appearances. It also boosts your expertise and credibility, making you more likely to pick up media opportunities.

3. Speaking. Why not get paid for sharing your words of wisdom? Many companies hire speakers and professionals to come in and teach them about a specific topic or idea. Start marketing yourself as a speaker. You can pitch yourself to businesses or organizations. Starting health coaches can make anywhere from $300 to $1,500 per talk.

4. Blogs. Blogs are a great way to build your list and gain momentum online. Once your blog is up and running, you can then seek advertisement or sponsorship opportunities. You can offer companies product reviews, blog posts, or ad space on your website. Research some of your favorite blogs to see how they are doing it and create a plan that feels good to you.

5. Freelance. If you enjoy writing, there are many opportunities to make money as a freelance writer in the area of health and nutrition. This will help you build your writing portfolio, which you can then pitch your work to other local and online platforms for additional writing opportunities.


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