February 13, 2014
Last Updated:
March 4, 2021

Your Simple Guide to Success as a Health Coach

Through the years I’ve mentored many IIN graduates, and they all have similar concerns.

They wonder, “How will I make money?”

I answer, “Start doing the work.”

They say, “But I’m afraid no one will take me seriously.”

I answer, “Start doing the work.”

They say, “I don’t know where to start.”

I answer, “Start anywhere. Do the work.”

Trust me, when I started my business I felt clueless.

So how did I go from making zero dollars to matching my husband’s salary this month?

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I started doing the work.

I did anything I could. I found private clients, gave presentations at gyms and yoga studios, hosted teleseminars, and wrote regular blog posts. Sometimes I got paid and sometimes I didn’t. It’s important to not measure your success in dollars for the first one to three years of your business. Creating a solid foundation of experience, credibility, and self-confidence is much more important.

Of course, it’s easy to say that now! At the time, I often felt frustrated and wanted my business to grow faster. The money didn’t start to roll in until I tapped into my unique voice and talents.

After trying 100 things, I found the two or three that really made me happy and brought clients back for more. Now I know that online programs work really well – for me. Working with private clients in person? Eh. That doesn’t light my fire. But I never would have known it if I hadn’t tried, right?

It feels amazing to create positive change in the world. The more work you do, the more confident you will become. It’s magic. You’ll pinpoint your strengths and start to see a path. You’ll learn what feels good and what doesn’t.

Dreaming and planning an awesome life is great. But very often we get stuck in that dreaming place and never quite take the action necessary to bring our vision to life.

Whatever you are afraid of, whatever you doubt about yourself—all of these things will be resolved when you start doing the work of a health coach. So quit wasting time with training after training. Stop fiddling with your logo and website—they’re never going to be perfect!

It doesn’t matter.

Start doing the work.

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