August 24, 2016
Last Updated:
March 4, 2021

Integrative Nutrition’s Secret to Total Health: Bio-Individuality

Bio-individuality may sound like a bit of a mouthful, but in a seemingly one-size-fits-all world, we are proud to have this concept at the core of Integrative Nutrition’s wellness philosophy.

“Bio” refers to living organisms, and “individuality” refers to how we are all different.

Simply put, bio-individuality means that we are all unique, and it is recognizing and honoring our uniqueness that is the key to health and happiness.

In practical terms, you’ve probably already noticed that you have different needs or preferences than those of your family and friends. Perhaps your spouse can get by with very little breakfast but you need something hearty to maintain your energy until lunch.

Maybe you’ve tried yoga countless times because everyone is raving about it but you’re just not that into it and would prefer to go on a jog instead.

One person’s nectar is another person’s poison, and the best person to understand what’s best for you is… YOU!

Even research and dietary guidelines are starting to come around and acknowledge the value of bio-individuality in mainstream media by recommending healthy eating “patterns” over specific food groups. But remember to accept research with a grain of salt, because it is the standardization of scientific theories themselves that sometimes blurs how the findings should be applied (and to whom, how, and when.)

At Integrative Nutrition, our students are taught over 100 dietary theories to learn that there really isn’t any singular way of eating healthy. Students are encouraged to explore a variety of diets in order to tune in to their intuitive and physical responses and help others do the same, if they pursue health coaching. As long as we are talking about wholesome foods, minimally processed, and raised or grown naturally, then we should all be encouraged to choose the eating style that leaves us feeling energized, satisfied, and free from discomfort. The possibilities for the food that actually entails are endless!

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The same can be said for your fitness activities, the ways in which you like to de-stress, how you communicate, what your ideal career is, what form of spiritual practice feeds your soul, and everything else in life.   

See where we’re going here? It’s all about finding what nourishes YOU!

It’s important to follow your instincts instead of popular trends. True health blossoms when you tune in and nourish yourself in all the ways your bio-individual self needs.

What leaves you feeling healthy and happy? Share in the comments below!

And if you’re interested in learning more about Integrative Nutrition, check out our curriculum guide to see if our Health Coach Training Program is right for you!

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