April 5, 2017
Last Updated:
March 4, 2021

6 Essentials for Your Perfect Home Office

Health Coaches can work in a wide variety of settings. From doctor’s offices to wellness centers, schools to corporate environments, or home sweet home, the possibilities for Health Coaches are limitless – even if you want to do something other than coaching after graduating from IIN.

But there’s one thing that can help any Health Coach stay organized and stress-free: a quiet place to get things done.

Whether or not you have an entire room for an office, setting up a space that is dedicated to your professional passion can go a long way in being productive, effective, and feeling at ease even when challenges arise.

Here are 6 essentials to a home health coaching office:

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  1. Have a clean desk, with storage
    A desk is a simple piece of furniture, yet it creates stability and comfort, and is the canvas on which your creative ideas can land. Ideally, it also has good storage capacity, and can be adjustable for sitting or standing. Make sure your desk is free from clutter, dried up globs of kale smoothie, and anything else that isn’t conducive to your work. Choose a desk that feels warm and inviting, crisp and modern, or simple and small, depending on your personality and needs. Good sized drawers will help keep documents and other random materials out of sight when they’re not in use.

  2. Plants
    Plants can turn any environment into a healthy oasis. Not only do they absorb carbon, dust, and other pollutants from the air while releasing oxygen, they can also improve your mood! Plants can make your office feel like an extension of nature, which will make whatever you do there more enjoyable and relaxing.

  3. Inspiration
    What inspires you? What makes you feel motivated, alive, connected? Whether it’s your favorite photo of your kids, an inspirational quote, a work of art, crystals, or your vision board, have something at your home office that makes you smile. In between calls or planning workshops, let your eyes wander to these inspiring things and take a deep breath before returning to the task at hand.

  4. Good lighting
    Ideal lighting is indirect yet near a window, meaning that you want to be as close as possible to a natural light source, yet without the glare or discomfort of direct sunlight blocking your vision. Have an adjustable lamp for evenings with a lamp temperature that feels just right (not too warm, not too cool). A great home office feels light and free, like a breath of fresh air.

  5. Books
    At Integrative Nutrition, we love books so much we even created a Launch Your Dream Book Course! For your home office, gather the books that most pertain to your unique approach to wellness and have them nearby on a shelf. These can be reference books, reminders of recommendations you like to make to clients, or simply the ones that have left a deep impression on you. Don’t go overboard, but make your favorite Health-Coach-relevant books accessible in your work space.

  6. Fitness-friendly extras
    We’ve all heard that sitting is the new smoking, so make sure your home office has some gentle reminder to get up and move your body. This could be a yoga mat to invite stretching, some weights to work on muscle strength, or even a simple timer that rings every 45 minutes to remind you to get up and have a little dance break. Anything that will keep you active throughout long periods of work will help you stay balanced with your own self-care.

Not a Health Coach yet? Learn more about health coaching or get our curriculum guide today!  

Do you work from home? What are your favorite home office essentials? Share with us in the comments below!

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