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Published: June 8, 2024

5 Things You Can Do With a Health Coach Certificate Besides Coaching

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 If you’re thinking about enrolling in IIN’s Health Coach Training Program, you may have already pictured yourself working with clients, teaching friends and family about nutrition, and making health a priority in your life. But maybe you’re not sure you want to coach in the traditional one-on-one setting. What happens then?

Not to worry—your career options as a Health Coach are limited only by your imagination! Check out just a few of the endless possibilities for how you can make a difference and earn a great income with your IIN Health Coach certificate

Health and Wellness Author
Many Institute for Integrative Nutrition graduates have gone on to write bestselling books in the realm of health and wellness! You can check out some of the books created by our graduates here! We even created a special graduate course to support brand new authors get started on the writing process and launch their dream books! Publishing a book is a great way to reach even more people with your message than you would working one-on-one with clients. And although it takes time to write a book, book sales offer a form of passive income, which is incredibly worthwhile and can help sustain you between publishings.

Corporate Wellness Consultant
Let’s face it—corporate America isn’t generally health and wellness-focused. There is a real need for Health Coaches in offices across the country to help workers deal with stress, improve their well-being, and to make corporations healthier and more productive. It’s not uncommon for large corporations to have a Health Coach or nutritionist on-staff to advise employees and to recommend practices to implement in the office to increase overall health. (Think: kitchen makeovers, lunchtime yoga, and walking meetings.) And as a consultant, you’ll have flexible work hours, which usually means you can work with more than one organization at a time.

Public Speaker
Much like writing a book, public speaking is a quick and effective way to express a singular message to a lot of people. Health Coaches can speak anywhere from schools, to offices, to fitness studios, to weekend health events. And Integrative Nutrition helps you to get started by giving you several ready-made group workshop presentations to host on topics ranging from Sugar Blues to Women’s Health and more!

Product Development
As a Health Coach, you have a unique and valuable perspective on wellness. You may even have some innovative ideas about how to support people outside of the traditional health coaching model. Feel free to get creative with how you share your knowledge! If you love cooking, perhaps you’ll decide to launch a healthy product line like Elizabeth Stein. Or if you’re tech whiz, app development might be right up your alley. You could even launch a matchmaking site

Natural Foods Chef
Much of IIN’s curriculum includes discussions around how to prepare healthy, nutritious foods. You’ll learn how to soak and sprout, which cooking oils are the best for every kitchen need, and even how to cook with traditional “health foods” like burdock or kasha. After experimenting with these lessons, many IIN students realize how much they really enjoy cooking and recipe development; and when they start coaching clients, they realize how helpful it is to offer them options for recipes. The decision to work as a natural foods chef is a smart one—you’ll always have clients looking for better recipes or for help preparing food—and if you love cooking, this career can be really fun!

The list above demonstrates just a fraction of the possibilities you can create as an IIN graduate – the sky really is the limit! If you’re excited about the idea of training at the world’s largest nutrition school, we recommend that you study first for yourself, and then let your career unfold along the journey. You don’t have to know right now exactly how things will turn out, but you can be sure that the possibilities are endless!

What would you like to do as a Health Coach? Share in the comments below.


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