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Published: June 8, 2024

9 Professional Paths You Can Pursue as a Health Coach

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One of the most common questions we get from those who are interested in the Health Coach Training Program is a very practical one: what can you DO with this education?

We’ve outlined a variety of options below, but before you jump ahead it’s important to note that one of our biggest priorities in offering this comprehensive program in nutrition and whole-body wellness is to create an immersive and transformative experience for our students.

It’s critical that the very first person you heal and nourish is yourself!

Many graduates go on to pursue wellness in a professional way, but certainly not everyone. For some, finding or regaining a deeper connection to personal wellness is the goal, and that’s exactly what they’ll get at Institute for Integrative Nutrition. For others, this is an important part of a career trajectory that focuses on elevating wellness for others as well. Either way, it starts with how you nourish yourself in all ways.  

Those who are interested in moving forward professionally find a whole new layer of potential with IIN. Through business training, practical resources, network connections, and professional inspiration that spans the entire globe, IIN can help you pursue wellness in just about any way you can imagine!

Here are 9 professional paths you can pursue as a Health Coach:

1. Private coaching.
One-on-one coaching is a common way for students to begin exploring and sharing their wellness with others, with many going on to do this work part time or full time. As an IIN student you’ll have the option and guidance to set up your website, develop your niche market, and establish all the necessities to launch your coaching business by the time you graduate. You can coach clients in person or on the phone from anywhere in the world! That’s how Marissa Vicario got started.

2. Group coaching or wellness workshops.
Those who enjoy personal interaction and group dynamics opt to focus on group coaching, bringing people together who are interested in whatever wellness topic they choose to focus on, such as healthy aging, cleansing or detox, weight loss, etc. You can form ongoing relationships with local organizations, health food stores, wellness centers, churches, or other entities to hold regular events.

3. Wellness centers or doctor’s offices.
A growing number of doctor’s offices, wellness centers, alternative health practices, and even hospitals are recognizing the crucial benefits of health coaching and holistic self-care. Depending on your location you might be able to secure a part time or full time position either as an independent Health Coach in a team environment, or alongside a medical doctor who wishes to provide nutritional guidance to patients, like IIN grad Amanda Carney.

4. Online programs.
If you enjoy communications, creativity, and marketing while being location-independent then you might want to consider developing your own unique online program. These can come in the form of virtual courses, subscription programs, or member-based offerings. Rather than individual attention to a small number of people, this is a way to provide valuable content that can influence thousands in a positive way while still giving you plenty of freedom.

5. Education and reform initiatives.
If you’re passionate about food production or consumption in your country, children’s education, or public policy around wellness, then an IIN education will provide you with a great perspective and starting point for getting involved. You can create wellness programs in schools, lobby the government for change, or develop educational materials for a variety of organizations. Having a focus on holistic wellness will help you see the bigger picture of the challenges facing health care around the world, so you can help address them in a positive way! IIN grad Colleen Cimador for example, is using her education to focus on children’s health.

6. Cooking or restaurants.
Many IIN students are also chefs or foodies, with the ultimate goal of opening healthy restaurants or cafes, offering private cooking instruction, or become recipe-creators. Yes, healthy eating can be delicious, and if that’s your passion then you’ll definitely feel at home at IIN. Once you figure out exactly what you want to pursue, you’ll have much more foundational knowledge and momentum to make it happen as a Health Coach. Check out how IIN grads Tere and Louis opened a vegan, gluten-free cafe in NYC!

7. Product development.
Have you ever dreamed of creating your own healthy product – food, body care, or lifestyle - to be sold for the benefit of people around the country, or even the world? As a Health Coach you’ll gain the knowledge and insights to fuel your creativity, gather the necessary resources and relationships, and develop both your wonderful product and the story behind it.

As a Health Coach, you have a unique and valuable perspective on wellness. You may even have some innovative ideas about how to support people outside of the traditional health coaching model. Feel free to get creative with how you share your knowledge! If you love cooking, perhaps you’ll decide to launch a healthy product line like Elizabeth Stein. Or if you’re a tech whiz, app development might be right up your alley. You could even launch a matchmaking site!

8. Writing or blogging.
Publishing your work as an author or blogger is another great way to share your knowledge with the world. If you love cooking and creating recipes, you can write a cookbook or create a wildly popular health blog. You could also become a wellness writer for businesses or organizations who share your values, or work alongside wellness brands that need your professional skills as well as appreciating your certification.

Many Institute for Integrative Nutrition graduates have gone on to write bestselling books in the realm of health and wellness! You can check out some of the books created by our graduates here! We even created a special graduate course to support brand new authors get started on the writing process and launch their dream books! Publishing a book is a great way to reach even more people with your message than you would working one-on-one with clients. And although it takes time to write a book, book sales offer a form of passive income, which is incredibly worthwhile and can help sustain you between publishings. 

9. Elevating an existing career.
Among IIN students are nurses, doctors, wellness professionals, human resources executives, teachers, coaches, TV personalities, startup founders, and many other currently employed people who are interested in integrating their IIN education into their existing careers. There are countless ways that a greater understanding of personal and collective wellness could fit in to elevate your current career path!

The list above is only a short summary of what you could achieve as an IIN graduate, so don’t worry about trying to fit into any category! If you’re drawn to learning at the world’s largest nutrition school then do this for yourself at first, and let your professional path unfold naturally. The possibilities are truly limitless. Join us for an upcoming info session to learn more!

What professional path do you see yourself pursuing as a Health Coach? Share in the comments below.


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