May 1, 2018
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April 30, 2019

Our Top 10 Graduates for Jan & April 2017 Advanced Business Course!

Do you dream of being a successful Health Coach? Can you envision running your own business, making your own schedule, and changing the world one client at a time? The IIN Advanced Business Course has helped hundreds of IIN students take their businesses to the next level and get results.

In the IIN Advanced Business Course, we teach advanced strategies for success in networking, marketing, social media, building referral networks, prioritizing, outsourcing, and creating systems for success. Additionally, the course includes done-for-you programs and business resources as well as plenty of personalized mentoring and support.

To honor our most successful coaches, we offer students the opportunity to enter the IIN Advanced Business Course Top 10 Contest for a chance to win a full tuition reimbursement. To qualify, students must demonstrate in writing how their business has grown as a result of the IIN Advanced Business Course.

We are happy to announce winners of the January 2017 and April 2017 IIN Advanced Business Course Top 10 Contests!

Jennifer Shepherd Joffe

“When I began this course, I was finishing my first ‘Project: Healthy Body’ group. Each person paid $250 for 12 weeks. Three months into the Advanced Business Course, my next group paid $450 for twelve weeks. Six months in, my next three groups paid $1,500 for six months."

“With the help of the business course, marketing, knowing my worth, and putting it all together with what I learned in IIN, I have settled in on a five-month class."

“I have ten ‘Project: Healthy’ classes coming up in February, and each participant is paying $2k!!!" 

“I will offer this twice a year. Taking summers off and working two days a week, I am making $160k, plus a commission from other coaches who are now working for me. Also this year I took a leap and started writing. Because of the IIN Advanced Business Course, I pitched myself and now write for Thrive Global." 

“Last but not least, all my social media content (perfected by the tools this course gave me) led to the TODAY show discovering me, and I will be featured in the next two weeks! I am forever grateful to this course! I even tried to quit the course after it began because I did not think I ‘really’ needed it!"

“WOW, was I wrong – what a game changer!”

Misaki Harada

“First, I want to thank Joshua, the student support team, and all my classmates at the IIN Advanced Business Course who always make me accountable."
“I had zero paid clients before I started the IIN Advanced Business Course, and upon graduating, I have:

5 private paid clients (2 clients in NYC and 3 in Japan)
6 paid workshops (4 workshops in NYC and 2 in Japan)"

“Although I really wanted to start my business as a Health Coach right after I graduated from IIN in 2012, I could not try because I wasn’t brave. I am a single mom living in NYC without any family members in the USA (I am originally from Japan), and at that time, my daughter was four. All I could do was go to my full-time job and come home and take care of my daughter and study for my bright future." 

“Since having anorexia when I was 14 years old, my dream was to become a dietitian and support other people’s health and happiness. I never gave up the dream to help people stay healthy and happy, so I kept looking for an opportunity, then I found IIN." 

“The IIN Advanced Business Course was a very practical step-by-step program, so it was easy to follow and very helpful for me. I will keep trying to grow my business step by step using all the strategies I learned in the IIN Advanced Business Course."

“Thank you so much again. It was a good decision to take this course to grow my business.” 

Curtis Tention

“This course has given me the fuel to go the long haul with my business. The tools were practical and easy to implement. The support and accountability of the entire team made the action steps doable. I walked away knowing I could make a decent part-time income as long as I take action. Taking action has been the big takeaway for me. Regardless of my feelings, I just had to do it. This was a great course!” 

Sherri Holzer

“I found the Advanced Business Course invaluable. It was the perfect next step for me after completing the HCTP course. Here I was with newfound knowledge and excitement to share and make a difference in the world, and yet I had no real plan or guidelines on how to operate as a businesswoman. The business course laid the foundation of structure for my coaching practice. The easy-to-follow modules and timely support on Facebook gave me a framework to become a successful entrepreneur. I am on my way!”

BeNito Ruiz

“Before the IIN Advanced Business Course, I was uncertain of the hows, whats, whens, and whys of the process of building a coaching practice and more so, establishing one. I really didn't have a clear idea of what exactly I had to do or what direction to take. I knew I needed help and guidance." 

“During the course, all my questions were answered. I now feel confident in my coach-preneur skills and about my business plan and direction. I'm beyond happy that I gained clarity. I have now set a solid foundation for exponential growth. Having done this, I will not have to worry about how to keep track of my growing client base as I expect it to explode this year..."

“Thank you, Joshua Rosenthal and all of IIN staff and alumni, for you’ve created for me a community where I feel comradeship, support, and security. I love this tribe!!”

Stacie Rose

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“My business has grown immensely since beginning this course. Since it began, I have successfully done some pretty high-profile corporate workshops (lunch and learns), including Barclays Capital and KPMG. I have reached out to several publications about writing for them and have had several pieces published, posted, and disseminated. I have had several doctors agree to have my brochures out at their practice. I have begun to grow my tribe through Instagram and Facebook, picking up subscribers. I started meal planning."

“The reason these things are so significant is these are a direct connection between the Advanced Business Course and my personal growth and path. So many things have happened serendipitously. I feel that this business class has given me the tools and confidence to open my mind and heart to opportunities that I was not expecting. I've been surprised and exhilarated by the different ways in which I can help people and further my career. Before the business class, my focus was steady but not as multidimensional. This was the perfect complement to the amazing Health Coach Training Program. Mostly, I feel that I am able to make a positive impact on the health of others in more ways than one – in several creative, intuitive, and gratifying ways." 

“The accountability has been so helpful. The IIN staff has been kind, thoughtful, attentive, and knowledgeable. I feel that 2018 has a lot in store and look forward to embracing more opportunities and creating more of my own. So many budding ideas!! Thank you!!!!”

Wanda Munn

“I was able to take my juicing business to the next level with all of IIN’s savvy, heartfelt strategies. I incorporate my health coaching with my Juice Plus+ business. I love to learn from a company that teaches from the heart like IIN." 

“My plan B is slowly but surely turning into my plan A. I am debt free, and after 25 years of scanning as an ultrasound technologist, my husband and I decided it was time for me to focus more on my new passion of helping others from the inside out with my health coaching/juicing business. Eeeeek!!!"

“My experience in the Advanced Business Course was Totally Epic!!” 

Angie Fernandez

“As a result of the Advanced Business Course, I completely stepped out of my comfort zone and pushed myself to really succeed as a Health Coach at a whole new level."

“The support received during this course is amazing. Joshua and the IIN Advanced Business Course team, along with the students, are with you every step of the way."

“New and exciting opportunities are the result of this course, including:

  • Partnering with my community chiropractor and launching a 6-Month Group Coaching Program consisting of meaningful interactive workshops in his office.
  • As a result of this opportunity, I positioned myself to do both print and online marketing to increase attendance to each of my workshops and create a brand! 
  • I began to use the networking techniques shared in the course to build new connections and truly network successfully.
  • As a result of my social media learnings and work assignments during this course, I successfully secured a Corporate Wellness Workshop in a well-established Northern NJ company. They hired me as the Health Coach for their health and safety event. I earned $500 in one hour, and I was asked to return in the new year. 
  • Recently, I was also hired by Heller Wellness (chiropractor) to manage his social media marketing and cohost Wellness Wednesdays in his office.”

Jacqueline Sanchez

“Prior to this course, I didn’t see myself or my business as a brand. It wasn’t until after taking the IIN Advanced Business Course that something finally clicked for me. This course brought me the clarity and understating I needed to move forward with my business. Thanks to the IIN business course, I was able to grow my email list to 3,000 people in just three days! I’ve also been able to grow my social media to a combined 66k. The next step for me is to begin doing in-person events. I already have two scheduled events and I’m excited. The IIN business course also gave me the confidence to take on clients. I’m doing one-on-one sessions and I also run group coaching sessions called ‘Pain into Purpose,’ where I provide a safe place for women to express themselves and provide them with the necessary tools to be able to move forward. The IIN business course has been wonderful. Thank you, Joshua and the IIN team, for the endless support. You are all appreciated!"

“It has been a wonderful experience! I’ve gained so much understanding. I love that I finally learned how to see myself and my business as a brand. The IIN Advanced Business Course provided me with everything I needed to run a successful business :)”

Alexandra Elman Foley

“I am SO happy I decided to take the Advanced Business Course. I was only halfway through the HCTP, and I decided to take it because I felt that I needed a boost. I had previously owned two different important businesses, and because of various factors, neither one succeeded the way I wanted them to. I'm so passionate about health, wellness, and helping people that I wanted this new venture to succeed! The individualized support that we received in the Facebook group was invaluable!"

“Joshua and the IIN team were always there to answer questions that really helped. I have already recommended this course to various graduates and will continue to do so as I feel that if you want your business to succeed, this is that additional piece that is truly necessary."

“I love that we have templates for marketing, email blasts, etc."

“I want to thank Joshua, Roxi, and the IIN team for the incredible support that you all gave me throughout the year. There were times where I would get discouraged, and every time I asked a question in the Facebook group and was answered, it gave me the additional encouragement to keep on going!"

“Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!”

Lori Baird

“I love to learn and want to learn even more! I have more of a following on my social media, more subscribers to my email list, and I actually acquired a client after trying for over a year to get a paid client! I enjoyed the Facebook interaction more than anything because it was the real-time help I needed for my particular issues. It was also the much-needed support to continue on when I thought I just couldn't continue. IIN has been instrumental in helping me with my growth and success.” 

Meredith Duncan

“The course was terrific! I’m in the process of partnering with a local chiropractic office as their Health Coach and am developing a program with a corporate wellness officer that will be presented to local students. I’ve also been asked to partner with a local nonprofit to develop programs for their summer camps to be hosted at a farm and have three one-on-one clients that I am currently coaching.”

Pam Gardephe

“When I started the course, I had one coaching client. Since beginning the IIN Advanced Business Course, I’ve added three one-on-one clients, went live with my website/Facebook business page, and held several virtual 'diet reset' programs. I also am teaching workshops, started a mailing list, and am collaborating with other coaches!”

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