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Published: June 8, 2024

IIN Advanced Business Course Feature: Winners of the July 2019 Class

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Do you dream of being a successful Health Coach? Can you envision running your own full-time or part-time coaching practice? How about making your own schedule, creating financial freedom, and changing the world through your work?

The IIN Advanced Business Course has helped thousands of students make this dream a reality! This course is specifically designed to address the unique goals, needs, and concerns of Integrative Nutrition Health Coaches.

In the IIN Advanced Business Course, we provide Health Coaches with the skills, tools, and action-based steps they need to help them take their businesses to the next level and get results. We teach advanced strategies for success in website creation, in-person networking, social media marketing, coaching program development, brand development, and creating systems for success. Additionally, the course includes done-for-you programs and business resources as well as plenty of personalized mentoring and support. 

To honor our most successful coaches in the Business Course, we offer students the opportunity to enter the IIN Advanced Business Course Top 5 Contest for a chance to win full tuition reimbursement and/or recognition as a top performing student. To win the contest, students must demonstrate how their practice has grown as a result of the IIN Advanced Business Course.

If you’re interested, join the priority list now for more information and to find out when the next course opens for enrollment!

We are happy to announce the winners of the IIN Advanced Business Course Top 5 Contest for the July 2019 class!

Kelimer Lebron


My target market is moms between the ages of 35 and 50 years old interested in improving their health by using a holistic and organic approach that includes fitness and nutrition. Here are a few of the many ways the IIN Advanced Business Course helped me achieve my goals:

• It taught me the necessary steps for organizing my business.

• It provided helpful and practical advice that guided me toward reaching my goals.

• It challenged me to think hard about my target market.

• It motivated me and helped me stay focused throughout the year.

• It gave me ideas on how to attract clients.

• It taught me how to navigate social media and other platforms available that are useful tools for my business.

• It helped me discover characteristics I already have that make me a successful coach.

Learn more about Kelimer’s coaching practice:



Melanie Johnson


I work with young professionals who are seeking to create a healthy relationship with food, manage stress/anxiety, achieve personal goals, and create a balanced lifestyle. 

The IIN Advanced Business Course enabled me to develop my business as well as my mind-set as a business owner. I learned how to effectively create, launch, and market a program. I now have a clear understanding of how to create partnerships and generate leads. Both the curriculum and support of the mentors helped me grow my knowledge and confidence.

Learn more about Melanie’s coaching practice:



Katie Lott


My target market is women 20–45 who have painful/problematic periods, PMS, PCOS, or other “lady issues” who are looking to lose weight, balance their hormones, and increase their self-confidence.

The IIN Advanced Business Course pushed me to explore different routes of using my Health Coach certification. Having support from IIN was great. Any questions I had could be answered in the Facebook group. I was able to test out different methods of what I wanted to do with my certification until I found the one that really worked for me, and I had support from IIN while I did so. Now I have a clear picture of exactly what I want to do and am really starting to build my business.

Learn more about Katie’s coaching practice:




Kathie Stettler


My primary target has shifted over the years, and this is what growth looks like. I have embraced that not every person wants, nor is open to, my coaching style. My advocating and teaching opportunities have led me in a direction to encourage and provide support and information to people desiring optimal health and wellness – women, mostly peri- or post-menopausal, wanting to utilize fasting, nutrition, bio-identical hormones, stress management, and proper sleep hygiene for optimal quantity of life. 

There is no doubt that setting aside time helps and encourages us to achieve our goals. What is helpful is the approach this course takes to build on strengths of each individual. Not all of us are “wired” to be business savvy. I had to let go of overwhelming thoughts and embrace what would serve my business in these uncertain and unusual circumstances. I am grateful to be able to revisit modules, as necessary, to continue growth and movement. The ultimate goals were to not be so intimidated, believe in myself, learn, and not allow thinking of “business" as a scary, unattainable idea. This course accomplished this, and so much more.

Learn more about Kathie’s coaching practice:




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