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Published: June 8, 2024

How to Make Big Decisions

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We make decisions every day. We decide what to wear, who to call, where to eat lunch, and when to go to sleep.

Making these small, daily decisions is usually pretty easy and requires little thought. But how about the hard decisions: where to live, which college to attend, or whether or not to have children?

How do you make big life decisions? And more importantly, how do you make these big choices in life with confidence and little to no regret?

At IIN, we teach bio-individuality – the idea that what works for one person may not work for someone else – which applies to decision-making. While one person may find that creating spreadsheets with pros and cons is best, another may benefit most from being impulsive and following their gut.

Either way, here are some simple suggestions for how to make a decision:

1. Quiet your mind. Spend time doing something that will help you relax, such as meditation, yoga, or a walk in nature. By quieting your mind and relaxing your body, you open up to receiving inspired ideas.

2. Act as if. When deciding between two options, “pretend commit” to one. In other words, think and act as if the decision has been made. For one week, notice how you feel knowing it is the decision you’ve made. 

3. Listen to your body. Sit quietly and consider the decision you’re making. Notice how you feel in your body as you contemplate each option at hand. If you feel relaxed, expansive, energized, and maybe even a little nervous, these are likely signs that this option is most aligned with your goals. If you feel constricted, doubtful, fearful, and even a little sluggish, then the option you’re considering is likely not in your best interest.

4. Journal in the morning. For one week, write down any thoughts that come to mind when you first wake up. Without overanalyzing, allow a stream of consciousness to flow through you and onto the page. At the end of the week, review what you have written and see what intuitive insights came through that can support you in your decision-making process.

5. Honor your nos. If you do not feel a “heck yes!” then it is a no. If you feel an “I don’t know,” then it is a no. Give yourself more permission than you usually do to say no when it doesn’t feel fully aligned with your dreams. The more you honor your nos, the more obvious and clear it will be when you want to say yes!

6. Detach from the outcome. Putting aside the circumstances, people, and conditions involved, consider how you want to feel. Try writing down the emotions you want to feel as an effect of the decision you make – for instance, joy, happiness, peace, love, or fulfillment.

Remember, we all make decisions differently, so choose what resonates most with you! Once you make a decision, align with it fully without regret, while also knowing that you have the right to change your mind. You can’t go wrong.

Even when it seems like you have made the wrong decision, you are still learning valuable lessons for how to improve next time. So be easy and gentle with yourself, and trust that everything is helping you grow and become better!

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