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October 9, 2013

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April 30, 2015

We all have the right to make informed decisions about what we put in our bodies. Whether you choose to eat organic fruit and vegetables or grass-fed beef, it’s important to know how and where your food was produced. That’s why nutrition education is so important – our food becomes our blood and drives our thoughts and actions. Whatever you choose to eat, it should be an educated choice.

That’s why Integrative Nutrition supports the labeling of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). While many countries throughout the world have outright banned GMOs, the United States doesn’t even require that GM foods be labeled as such. Nowadays, GMOs are ubiquitous in the American food supply and are present in 75 to 80 percent of processed foods on grocery store shelves. That means that many Americans regularly consume GMOs and don’t even know it.

What’s the big deal about GMOs? While the FDA deems them as “generally recognized as safe,” the long-term consequences of GMOs on our health and our environment have not been adequately investigated. The industry is controlled by the interests of bio-tech giants such as Monsanto, who monopolize seed markets, bully farmers with aggressive and costly lawsuits, and exert powerful lobby influence over lawmakers in Washington.

We believe that consuming GMOs should be a choice, and as consumers, we have the right to know which foods are genetically modified.

To show our support, Integrative Nutrition is donating $100 for every person who enrolls in the Health Coach Training Program this month – up to $100,000! – to organizations that share in our mission:

  • The Non-GMO Project is committed to preserving and building the non-GMO food supply, educating consumers, and providing verified non-GMO choices.
  • The Institute for Responsible Technology educates the public about the risks and impact of GM foods and crops on health, environment, the economy, and agriculture.
  • LabelGMOs is the grassroots group that rallied behind Proposition 37 in California, a defeated initiative that sought to empower consumers and require the labeling of GMOs.

Tell your friends and family and help us spread the word!

How else can you get involved? Tune into our exclusive interview with Jeffery M. Smith, a leading consumer advocate who explains why labeling GMOs is so crucial. You can also join the March Against Monsanto this Saturday, October 12, 2013. There are events all over the world – find an event near you or join us in New York City! We’ll be meeting on the steps of the New York Public Library on 5th Avenue (closer to 42nd Street) at 12:30 pm. Wear red!

The incredible support of our community inspires us every day. Thank you for being a part of it. Together we can make this world a better place!

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