November 28, 2018

6 Surprising Ways to Find Health Coaching Clients

Starting a new venture is exciting! It’s not every day that you put your passion into action and pursue something you’ve always dreamed of. While this next chapter of your life is full of opportunities, it can come with uncomfortable moments and more questions than you’re used to.

One of the most common questions from new Health Coaches is, “How will I find clients?” It can be frustrating and stressful to feel like you can’t find clients, even though you think you did everything you could. But there are tons of ways to make an impact on others that may come as a surprise.

Expand your horizons and try these methods to help find the clients you’ve been searching for:

1.    Make real-life connections.
The Internet has done some incredible things for our world; it’s created community, improved communication capabilities, helped more people learn from anywhere, and provided information like never before! While the Internet’s impact has been incomparable, taking the time to introduce yourself to your community in real life is just as important. If you’re already going to a yoga studio, gym, juice bar, coffee shop, or chiropractor regularly, take an extra moment to introduce yourself as a Health Coach and share what you can offer. These can be the best places to give speeches, offer health coaching, and get your name out there as the go-to for health questions.

2.    Create more content.
Sharing content with people is a fun and easy way to give them a glimpse of who you are as a Health Coach and what you have to offer. Things like websites, social media, blogs, ebooks, recipe guides, or health challenges are welcoming ways to show what you know and a chance for others to engage with questions and conversation.

3.    Offer a free first consultation.
Some people may be weary of paying up front for something that’s new to them. To many people, health coaching is completely foreign and a venture they want to experience but still have questions about. Providing a free initial consultation allows both you and your potential client the opportunity to see if it’s a good match. You can ask high-mileage questions to get a better idea of what someone is looking for and whether you can be the person to encourage them toward better health and wellness.

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4.    Be vulnerable.
Being vulnerable is a huge part of getting yourself out there as a Health Coach. People enjoy connecting with others by hearing their stories. While it may be new to you to share your life with strangers, it’s a great way for potential clients to relate to you. Once you shed a bit of your vulnerability, you open the door to opportunities that you may never have seen before. Share more and be willing to talk about your journey and what led you to being an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.

5.    Expand your offerings.
A Health Coach doesn’t have to stick to one-on-one coaching sessions. As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, you have the knowledge and understanding to support others in their health journeys in a variety of ways. Expand what you’re currently doing, in little or big ways. Give speeches, create a product, write a book, or lead wellness retreats – the career opportunities as a Health Coach are endless. 

6.    Reach out to other Health Coaches.
One of the best parts of IIN is the inspiring and motivating community of Health Coaches we have. More times than not, Health Coaches who have been in your shoes and gone down similar paths are willing to talk about what worked for them and how they created their success. Reaching out on social media or through their website can be a great first step in building your own empire with help from someone you look up to and feel inspired by.

Tell us your tips for finding clients in the comments below!

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