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Published: June 8, 2024

Workspace Wellness

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While some people work in construction or have jobs that require them to be on the road, the majority of us spend the workday behind a computer or desk. Because we’re sedentary for several hours, it’s important to pay attention to the health of both our minds and our bodies.

How many times have you dealt with feelings of stress, frustration, or fatigue at work? Even if you love your job, there are days when outside forces might impact how you feel – from family obligations and health concerns to social responsibilities and relationship issues. And to top it off, many of us sit for too many hours without enough space to breathe and ease our minds!

Creating a positive environment that inspires and energizes you is essential to your productivity at work. If you want to feel good and continue loving what you do, here are some simple ways to become a healthier you in the office:

Stop eating at your desk.
While it might make multitasking easier, you deserve to give your mind a rest and eat without distractions. If your office doesn’t have a dedicated cafeteria, find a space where you can eat comfortably. You’ll avoid making a mess at your desk and get the opportunity to socialize with colleagues, which can boost your mood and productivity.

Go green.
Add a small plant to your workspace to give a pop of color and help clean the air. Research has found that workers who had at least one plant in their office rated themselves as happier than colleagues who had none. Just make sure the plant does well without direct sunlight, like aloe plants, peace lilies, or spider plants!

Eliminate clutter.
Clutter creates stress, so don’t stack piles of paper or leave Post-its scattered across your desk. Create a system that works for you so that your folders, notebooks, and papers can be retrieved as soon as you need them. By keeping your desk clean and your space organized, you’ll feel less stressed and more at ease.

Get fresh air.
Clean air will leave you feeling more refreshed – plus, it helps keep the germs away! The air inside your office might feel stuffy and stagnant, especially during winter months when the heat is on. Crack a window or make it a habit to get outside for a walk around the block. If air quality is really lacking, add a humidifier or air purifier to your personal workspace.

Try a standing desk.
As an alternative to a traditional desk, standing desks allow you to stretch your legs and move around a bit more freely. While it’s not the same as being active, it’s still better than sitting in a chair for eight hours a day! And if you feel yourself hitting an afternoon slump or procrastinating on certain projects, switching your position might help get your creative juices flowing again.

Add a few personal items.
Make your workspace feel like you by choosing 4–5 items that you want to display on your desk. Add photos of family and friends, prop your computer up on your favorite book, or showcase something you’re proud of. You’ll feel more comfortable and relaxed by having things in view that make you happy!

Take small breaks.
Get moving! Even if you don’t want to step outside, you can still take mini breaks throughout the day. Many offices have lounge areas, break rooms, or kitchen spaces where you can escape for a few minutes. Grab a colleague, make a phone call, or enjoy a quick snack just to clear your head. You’ll return to your desk ready to tackle the next task at hand!

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