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Published: June 8, 2024

6 Reasons You’ll Succeed at Integrative Nutrition

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You’re ready to become a Health Coach and want to succeed in reaching your personal and professional goals, but you’re nervous about how to make that happen? No worries – you’re not alone! At IIN you have a built in community that is here to support you in achieving all of your objectives! 

Want to know how we know you’ll thrive at IIN and beyond?

1. Passion. Do you love wellness? Have you experienced a personal transformation? Do you want everyone to know what you know? Then you’re like us, and healthy eating is your passion. You are guaranteed to be a success because nothing lights a fire under you like passion. We’ll help you learn how to focus that passion toward accomplishing your goals in this program and for the rest of your life.

2. Flexibility. This course is designed to fit into your busy lifestyle; rather than adding more stress, it will enhance your balance and mental energy! Take classes on the go, pull them up at midnight or 6am, or listen while on a beach soaking up some vitamin-D.

3. Diverse curriculum. Our curriculum is so chock full of material, there’s no doubt you can explore the topics most meaningful to you. Do you want to specialize in disease prevention? Weight loss? Help your clients build meaningful relationships? Develop a business you love that will also impact the world? No matter what your intent is, our modules and extensive focus class library will give you a wealth of information to dive into in order to flourish!

4. Community. Think of the rare instances in your life when you met someone and immediately felt that spark – they were a kindred spirit. You will have many of those experiences at Integrative Nutrition! IIN is a movement, attracting like-minded people who want to change the world and are walking, talking advertisements for what a healthy life can bring. Friendships are made, partnerships are formed, and these relationships last a lifetime.

5. Personal development. What sets IIN apart is the personal impact the classes have on our students. No one goes through the training without experiencing a huge shift in their relationships, confidence, health, clarity, or happiness. You’ll find that profound change starts by digging into the curriculum and doing the work for yourself.

 6. Professional development. As you reach your personal best, you’ll want to share what you’ve learned with others. We have optional business classes that go over everything you need in order to help others by growing a profitable business. 

Whatever brings you here, we’ve got you covered. What are you most excited to learn about in the training that will help you to conquer your goals?


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