May 1, 2020
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January 27, 2023

Detox Your Life: Mind, Body, and Spirit

For years, IIN has been the destination for all health and wellness education needs. And as the industry continues to evolve, so do our courses. From our core Health Coach Training Program and advanced courses to our newest offering – IIN Specialty Courses – we’re committed to providing our community with the knowledge and support they need by focusing on niche topics that contribute to optimal health and well-being.

As IIN’s most accessible and affordable course yet, Detox Your Life packs robust learning into just six modules. Detox Your Life is for anyone and everyone – whether you want to broaden your knowledge, dive deeper into a particular area of wellness, or enhance your quality of life, you can earn a certificate to show off what you’ve accomplished!


Detox has become a buzzword associated with diet and clean eating. But what does it mean to detox and what are we detoxing from?

From air pollution and food pesticides to toxic beauty chemicals and negative thoughts that leave us feeling stuck, we’re bombarded by harmful materials every day. Most of the time, we aren’t even aware that our thoughts and actions may be harming our health, too.

Detoxing your life means energizing your life. It’s about removing harmful materials just as much as replenishing with beneficial materials that support your overall health and well-being. It’s about looking within to gain greater awareness around your daily habits in an effort to make more conscious and informed decisions moving forward.

Do you know what chemicals are in your facial cleanser or body wash? Are you eating enough natural, whole foods? Do you use plastic containers or plastic bags in your home? Do your negative thoughts impact the way you feel and move throughout your day?

So many of us get stuck in routines that aren’t beneficial to our health. That’s why Detox Your Life aims to provide quick everyday strategies that help you breathe easier, think clearer, and live better.

Here’s a sneak peek into IIN’s newest course and the six modules you can consume as soon as class opens on June 8!

Welcome: Lay the Foundation for What Detoxing Is and Why It Matters

In the first module, you’ll be introduced to your Integrative Nutrition Health Coach who will be your guide throughout the course. She’ll help set you up for success as you complete the modules and activities and apply what you learn. You’ll begin to explore what it means to detox your life holistically – mind, body, and spirit – by covering four main areas of detoxing: nutrition, beauty, home, and mind.

Nutrition: Reduce Toxins and Replenish with Nutrients That Protect the Whole Body

In the second module, you’ll explore what it means to nourish and energize yourself with foods that support both your body and mind. You’ll hear from scientist, author, and IIN visiting teacher Dr. Deanna Minich on ways to cultivate vibrant health through nutrition. She’ll focus on two main ways you can use food to best support yourself, your loved ones, and others:

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  • Reduce or avoid processed foods, including foods that contain long ingredients lists or are in wrappers, containers, plastic, or boxes.
  • Reduce or avoid foods that are overcooked, so you don’t consume additional toxins.
  • Reduce or avoid foods with pesticides, which you can start doing by choosing organic produce when possible.


  • Start with plants! Eating fruits and vegetables every day helps lower your risk of chronic disease while promoting digestive regularity and allowing you to feel full.
  • Make sure you get enough quality protein through nuts and seeds, which tend to have more minerals useful in cleaning out toxins from the body.
  • Hydrate with hydrating foods, like soups, juices, smoothies, and teas, which help promote detoxification in addition to water.

Beauty: Choose Safe and Sustainable Products That Support You and the Planet

In the third module, you’ll dive into the world of beauty, which is full of harmful chemicals, ingredients, and toxins. You’ll better understand the products you use every day and be encouraged to make choices that align with who you are and what you want for your overall well-being. Founder and CEO of Pretty Well Beauty and IIN visiting teacher Jazmin Alvarez helps define what clean beauty is and how it can detoxify your body by breaking it down into five main parts:

  • What clean beauty is and is not, which is increasingly important as the word clean has become misinterpreted, spawning other viral words, like organic, natural, vegan, and cruelty-free.
  • How to begin your clean beauty journey, an essential part of the process because throwing out all your beauty products and starting fresh isn’t an option for everyone. Jazmin will recommend which products you should invest in first and why.
  • How to read and understand labels by getting clear on harmful ingredients often found in beauty and self-care products, including aluminum, petroleum derivatives, retinol, and silicone.
  • DIY self-care techniques meant to inspire and motivate you to dive into the world of clean beauty at home! Plus, most of the products Jazmin uses can be found in your fridge or pantry!
  • The importance of inner beauty since beauty encompasses more than how we look or the products we use on our skin. Sometimes we need to be a little kinder to ourselves through what we say, what we think, and who we give our energy to.

Home: Create and Cultivate the Clean Living Space of Your Dreams

In the fourth module, you’ll learn simple tips to create a healthier home environment. And while you may first think of safety, organization, and decluttering, you’ll also want to consider how your home makes you feel. Founder and CEO of The Good Home Company and IIN visiting teacher Christine Dimmick will give you a new sense of empowerment in and out of your home. She’ll provide you with an in-depth overview of how our home environment can disrupt our health through three main toxins: 

  • Plastic, which so many of us are surrounded by on a daily basis – from drink beverages to food containers and even utensils. Using less plastic is one of the more important decisions you can make for yourself.
  • Air quality, since the indoors (not the outdoors!) exposes us to some of the most toxins, including wall paint, furniture, cleaning products, and dust. You’ll develop a deeper understanding of how our habits at home may be detrimental to our health. 
  • Wi-Fi and electronics, which is a concerning topic because we’re in front of screens for several hours each day! You’ll be introduced to some of the ways electronic waves may harm our health, including loss of focus, infertility, fatigue, and chest pains.

At the end of each topic, Christine will also share some of her favorite ways to create a healthier home for both you and the planet.


Mind: Become the Best Version of Yourself by Detoxing the Mind, Body, and Spirit 

In the fifth module, you’ll be taken on a journey of self-empowerment and healing by exploring how movement positively impacts your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Founder and creator of the intenSati method and IIN visiting teacher Patricia Moreno will lead you through a powerful exercise. The process of intenSati is meant to rewire your thoughts through movement by taking you through four stages:

  1. Awkward
  2. Mechanical
  3. Empowered
  4. Embodied

You’ll sweat it out and detox your mind and body all while embodying the feeling of your future self. 

Closing: Continue Your Detox Journey Today and Every Day 

Although you’ve reached the end of the course, this is only the beginning for you and what’s to come. You’ll feel empowered to apply what you’ve learned to detox your life, not just today but every day. In turn, you’ll have what it takes to help guide others to make more conscious and sustainable choices that support vibrant life for generations to come.

Are you ready to get started? We hope you join us on this new and exciting journey at IIN by enrolling today!

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