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Published: June 8, 2024

Female Entrepreneurship: Why You Should Start a Wellness Blog Today

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We believe that health coaching is a doorway to creating a better world, and that female entrepreneurs are the change-makers holding the key. This post is third in our series exploring this topic of female entrepreneurship, and you can read up on leadership through wellness and how women are changing the world in the first two posts.   

One of the most exciting aspects of being a part of a movement that joins health and personal transformation with leadership among women is watching just how quickly small steps can make a huge impact…especially with the help of technology.

A simple wellness blog may not sound like an agent of great transformation, yet it is often the first step taken by Integrative Nutrition students or graduates who go on to do incredible things.

So, why is starting a wellness blog a good idea?

  1. It has the potential to inspire and motivate people all around the world to become healthier and happier! How amazing is that? This will help you touch many more lives with your services than any local initiatives alone.
  2. It helps you to grow and develop in your own wellness journey. Having a blog will hold you accountable for your health choices and consistently remind you to expand your horizons, learn new things, and maintain your ongoing connection with self-care. Nourishing others nourishes you too; it’s a positive feedback loop!
  3. Blogging and creating your personal brand online makes you think more deeply about who you are, what unique gifts you have to offer, and just how you can be of service to the world. Over time your blog will evolve, and so will your career right alongside it.
  4. It’s a way to share your expertise, creativity, and passion in a professional way, which can lead to unexpected opportunities that pave the way to designing the life you truly want for yourself. Your blog could be seen by potential clients, partners, or influencers who like what you have to say and want to work with you.

This is exactly why the Health Coach Training Program offers ready-made customizable blogs and websites for our students before they graduate!

Here’s the best thing you can do if you’re interested in blogging but haven’t done it yet:


Don’t worry about having the perfect design or having enough to say. If you’re reading this right now, then it’s likely you have some interest in wellness blogging and that is enough to get the wheels in motion. All the other details will fall into place over time, just start! If you need some inspiration, here are some post ideas:

  • Your morning routine
  • A review of your favorite health book
  • A recipe your family or friends love
  • The most surprising thing you’ve learned about wellness
  • Different ways to prepare your favorite food
  • The benefits of a particular self-care practice like meditation or massage
  • Reasons why you think a holistic approach to health is important

The possibilities are endless!

Keep in mind that blogging isn’t just about writing. You can create videos, share beautiful photos, or develop a unique combination of words and other media. Be true to yourself in both the content and the presentation.

In the beginning stages of blogging, it’s important to get in the habit of sharing your own personal experiences. People relate to authenticity and will value your insights, so let the process unfold naturally and you’ll know where to go from there when the time is right.

If you’re an aspiring blogger please share your intention to get started, and if you’re an experienced blogger we’d love to hear how blogging has affected your passion for wellness. Share in the comments below!


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