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Published: June 8, 2024

How to Use Flower Essence for Emotional Wellbeing

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When we have a physical ailment, we tend to address it as quickly as possible through modern or alternative medicine such as medication, a procedure or treatment, or effective self-care in order to bring our bodies back into a state of ease.

But how quick are we to balance our emotional discomfort?

How can we gently address negative feelings like fear, anger, worry, uncertainty, or loss before they escalate, or actively elevate our moods to be more joyful and expansive?

Herbalists, naturopaths, and practitioners of homeopathy have long known about the incredible healing properties of plants, and have prescribed them in various forms to patients seeking not only physical health but also harmony between the mind and body, improved mood, greater awareness, and other therapeutic effects.

Flower essences specifically have played a role in some natural approaches for emotional and mental wellbeing since the 1930’s when a physician named Dr. Edward Bach originally formulated 38 flower essence remedies and recorded their specific uses.

Since then, flower essences have been categorized as vibrational medicine and have been documented to produce beneficial results by gently impacting the body’s subtle energies in a positive way, restoring balance and facilitating the conditions for thriving. 

Some research has been done on flower essences, but more is needed.

How are flower essences made?

Flower essences are made by infusing spring water with wildflowers and either sun steeping or boiling them in order to create infusions or decoctions which are preserved in some form of alcohol (such as brandy).

What can they do?

There are a variety of flower essence formulas, each with a unique effect. Here are some of the conditions they may be able to help with:

·      Stress relief

·      Sleep support

·      Anxiety, tension, or emotional pain

·      Environmental toxicity

·      Allergies or immune stress

·      Chemical sensitivity

·      Grief relief

·      Season Affective Disorder (SAD)

·      General sadness or depression

·      Challenges in life transitions

·      Overcoming self-doubt or fear

·      Counteracting lethargy or procrastination

Beyond relieving ailments, flower essences are said to have uniquely uplifting or beneficial effects, such as:

·      Elevating the soul and spirit

·      Assuming affirmative leadership

·      Positive self-awareness

·      Ability to focus for prolonged periods

·      Cultivating grace and soul consciousness

·      Enhancing the ability to listen

·      Feeling more grounded

While Integrative Nutrition cannot validate any of these claims and more science is needed to support the effects of flower essences, we are excited to see a greater interest in holistic remedies that take into account the wisdom of nature, and the desire for a gentler approach to health and wellness. Hopefully science will catch up soon so we can learn more!

Have you ever used flower essence? We’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below!


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