March 30, 2021

IIN Honors International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month

Finding strength in the struggle

In honor of International Women’s Day 2021, IIN connected with three graduates (and a friend of a graduate) from around the world to hear their personal stories of strength and struggle:

Jasmine “Coach Jaz” Graham – New York City

Jasmine is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and personal trainer who dove into an IIN education to enhance her love of fitness and health. After struggling for years with hormone imbalances exacerbated by chronic stress at work, Jasmine got her Hashimoto’s thyroiditis under control by prioritizing self-care and holistic health practices. She identifies IIN as a tremendous step on her health journey. The year 2020 was when she learned to slow down even further and realized the importance of taking care of herself before taking care of others.

Susan Scollen – Australia

Susan, an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and podcast host, went into the pandemic after having a tough 2019. Due to financial difficulties, she and her family had to make life-changing decisions that would ultimately build their resilience for what was to come in 2020. Susan shares her unique take on creating a positive mind-set, maintaining healthy habits, and the impact IIN has had on her life, well-being, and career.

Kim Girardet and Katie Haskell – Switzerland

Kim, an IIN graduate, found IIN through working with her own Health Coach after years of struggling with an eating disorder. The core concepts of an IIN education – bio-individuality and primary food – resonated with Kim. It has informed her current work alongside her friend Katie, a fellow expat in Geneva, Switzerland, who has also dealt with resolving disordered eating. Combining their shared passions for nutrition and helping others, Kim and Katie are currently creating a resource hub for English speakers in Geneva to access help for eating disorders. Both women share their experiences of this year and how focusing on a positive mind-set is key.

Watch and listen to their inspiring stories:

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Setting yourself up for success

As you’ve heard from these incredible women, their IIN educations gave them a reserve of resources to tap into when the going got tough dealing with loss, uncertainty, and stress in 2020. Each of them emphasized the importance of prioritizing primary food – the areas of our lives that impact our well-being but are found off the plate, such as our relationships, spirituality, physical activity, and environment.

Gaining knowledge in taking care of your health holistically has many benefits, from being able to better care for yourself to supporting your family, community, and clients. Even if you’re not a practicing Health Coach, an IIN education prepares you for success in any and all aspects of your life:

  • Creating healthier habits can improve energy so you can focus more at work or be able to give undivided attention to your partner or kids.
  • Prioritizing self-care can prevent burnout so you don’t feel depleted at the end of each day or week.
  • Learning how to tap into your innate coaching skills will make you a better friend, partner, employee, and family member.
  • Finding what foods and lifestyle practices work for you as an individual will help you cut through the noise of diet trends and fads to help you feel like the happiest, healthiest version of yourself!

If you’re ready to see for yourself how transformative an IIN education can be, download our free Curriculum Guide today!


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