July 15, 2021
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January 16, 2024

Virtual Wellness Coaches: What Do They Do?

Even as parts of the world reopen, many people are opting to stay remote when it comes to their careers. They enjoy the flexibility of working from home, wherever home happens to be. Health and wellness coaches have long had the ability to work from anywhere in the world, and that’s only one perk of the job! As the field of health and wellness expands, so do job opportunities. Are you passionate about living your healthiest life and helping others do the same? Do you love the flexibility of working remotely? Becoming a virtual wellness coach could be your calling!

What does a virtual wellness coach do?

Like Health Coaches, wellness coaches work with clients to meet fitness and wellness goals, adjust their diets, and advise them on other ways to incorporate health and wellness into their daily lives. Client goals can differ drastically, depending on current diet and activity level, any health concerns they have, and the kind of lifestyle they lead.

IIN believes in bio-individuality, or the idea that what works best for everyone is unique to their individual needs, wants, and lifestyles. This concept of bio-individuality translates to the guidance virtual wellness coaches provide their clients; rarely will two people need identical things or strive for the same goals. As a coach, you will listen to your clients and help guide them along their individual health and wellness journeys.

Who needs a virtual wellness coach?

Some common reasons people may seek out virtual wellness coaches include a want or need to:

Virtual wellness coach responsibilities

The responsibilities that virtual wellness coaches have vary from day to day, client to client, and coach to coach. As a virtual wellness coach, your responsibilities will also change depending on your clients’ goals and the plan you’ve developed with them. Coaches work with clients to make sustainable, achievable plans for clients to follow by:

  • Empowering clients to take their health journey into their own hands
  • Providing safe, supportive spaces to explore clients’ goals and intentions
  • Encouraging mindfulness in all aspects of their clients’ lives
  • Helping clients understand their true motivations behind the changes their seeking to make



What does the business side of a virtual wellness coach role look like?

Like life coaches and nutrition coaches, wellness coaches are running a business. Working with clients brings all the responsibilities of owning and operating a business if you choose to set up your coaching practice. Not all virtual wellness coaches work independently; some work for schools, hospitals, or corporations to educate and inform larger groups of the benefits of getting and staying healthy.

How much do virtual wellness coaches earn?

As with many other self-employed people, virtual wellness coach salaries depend on a number of factors:

  • Whether you’re self-employed or contracted with a company or corporation
  • Overhead costs, like technology and insurance
  • The number of clients you have at any given time
  • Your geographic location – larger cities usually have a higher cost of living
  • Your coaching niche – some specialties require more training, in turn adding more value to your services

How does virtual coaching differ from in-person coaching?

Where wellness coaching offers flexibility, virtual wellness coaching also offers freedom. While virtual wellness coaching has many similarities to in-person coaching in terms of responsibilities, it offers one key difference – there is no need to meet clients in person.

Benefits of virtual wellness coaching

Just about everything today can be done virtually – doctor’s visits, family reunions, and job interviews, to name a few. Virtual coaching can benefit both the coach and client immensely.

  • Low overhead costs – With no need to meet in person, coaches can save on gas and the costs associated with renting office space.
  • Convenience for coach and client – Coaching virtually also allows more time flexibility since there’s no need to commute anywhere.
  • Increased geographical reach – Coaching virtually also allows for a larger client base. With no need to meet in person, you can work with people around your state, country, or the world!

How do you become a virtual wellness coach?

Initial education

There’s no one way to begin your virtual wellness coaching career. Typically people interested in pursuing a career in health and wellness enroll in degree programs. These programs may focus on things like nutrition, kinesiology, biology, food science, or physical therapy. Earning a bachelor’s degree in one of these fields helps lay a solid educational foundation and expand your knowledge of how to improve and maintain health and well-being – though it’s not required to begin coaching. Taking business classes can also offer insight into the nitty-gritty of running and owning your own business.

Certification programs

As the health and wellness industry as a whole begins to move toward stricter regulations, certifications may become required to call yourself a wellness coach. Currently, there’s no specific certification required to become a health and wellness coach, but achieving certification helps you stand out from competitors and can show clients how dedicated you are to improving their lives.

The bottom line

Working virtually can help advance your career even faster – no restrictions on geography, time, or commute means you can begin helping clients live their best, healthiest lives from anywhere, at any time.

If you’re looking to become a virtual wellness coach, there’s never been a better time to join the health and wellness industry. Although the job market experiences fluctuations, more health and wellness coaches are hired every day. The IIN community has more than 110,000 students and graduates in 175 countries who are passionate about spreading the ripple effect of health and happiness – just like you – and are coaching people to healthier lives.

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