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Published: June 8, 2024

A 2015 Roundup: 12 Months of Electrifying Health Coaching News

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Time flies! As 2015 comes to a close, it’s the perfect time to look back on what we’ve accomplished in order to set goals for the coming year.

It’s been quite a year for Integrative Nutrition as well as the wellness community at large. Together we are spreading a ripple effect of health and happiness that is transforming the world!

Here are a few of the highlights that have made 2015 so remarkable:


  • We made major strides celebrating the first ever, National Health Coach Week!
    (Save the date! January 11 -17, 2016, is next year’s Health Coach Week and we hope you’ll celebrate with us!)


  • At Integrative Nutrition, it’s always the season of giving. In February, we asked our community to get involved in our Share the Love Charity Drive and donated a total $10,000 to The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation, Action for Healthy Kids, and Action Against Hunger.


  • Inspired by our powerful female students and graduates, we celebrated International Womens Day by discussing how we “make it happen!” We also donated $10,000 to the Sadie Nash Leadership Project, an organization that promotes leadership and activism in young women. #IINWomensDay



  • Our founder, Joshua Rosenthal, launched a brand new book called The Power of Primary Food which focuses on all the components of wellbeing that are just as important as the food that we eat: relationships, career, physical activity, and spirituality. 


  • With summer came longer days, sunny weather, and the perfect opportunity to start a new fitness routine! So together we jumped into The IIN 7-Day Fitness Challenge!
  • Graduates of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and members of the International Association for Health Coaches became eligible to take the International Health Coach Certification Exam and become Certified International Health Coaches!


  • One of the pillars of the IIN curriculum is Bio-Individuality – the idea that there is no one right way of eating that works for everyone.  We’ve known this to be true for over 25 years; thanks to a recent study science says so, too!
  • The future of health coaching planted its roots firmly on the scene when The Alliance for Natural Health USA requested that the Iowa Board of Dietetics, which licenses and oversees about 1,000 dieticians, "cease unlawfully restricting the practice of nutrition" in the profession.
  • Integrative Nutrition launched brand new curriculum designs for the Health Coach Training Program!



  • We were thrilled to introduce you to Integrative Nutrition Recipes, a new blog devoted to healthy recipes straight from the kitchens of Integrative Nutrition students, grads, and visiting teachers. 
  • Joshua Rosenthal, launched what we like to call IIN 2.0! A new extended program just for IIN alumni to support them to reach their personal and professional goals with continued training opportunities like the Launch Your Dream Book Course and the IIN Advanced Business Course.


  • Our first ever scholarship contest was a huge success, and we're so grateful for our participants. We received over 600 creative and inspiring video submissions and we’re proud to award 10 full scholarships to the winners.



  • Perhaps the biggest and most exciting news of the year happened just a week ago when a new resolution, the Health and Wellness Coach Resolution (H. Res. 552), was introduced in Congress acknowledging the importance of health coaching and the critical role coaches play!

As the year winds down, the Integrative Nutrition community has expanded to over 60,000 students and graduates in 122 countries across the world and we could not be prouder of their achievements. Health Coaches are doing incredible work in their homes, schools, workplaces, and communities to improve health and happiness, one person at a time.

We can’t wait to see what 2016 brings. Here’s to a healthy, happy holiday season and fruitful New Year! What are you proud of achieving in 2015 and what are you most looking forward to in 2016? Share with us in the comments below!

June 8, 2024

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